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This guide is designed to help you understand how to power off, reboot, or restart your ANTMINER. It’s important to note that this method applies to all ANTMINER models.

To Power Off/Shut Down a Miner:

As ANTMINER machines draw direct power from the power supply and lack an on/off switch, shutting down the miner can be achieved by either turning off the circuit at the circuit breaker (if applicable) or unplugging the 220V input line of the power supply.

Important note: If you’re using the APW12 power supply, which has two power lines, ensure both lines are powered on or off simultaneously. If this isn’t possible, follow the recommended sequence when powering up: plug in the outer power line first, followed by the inner one. Conversely, when disconnecting, power off the inner power line first, followed by the outer one.

To Restart/Reboot a Miner:

There are two methods for restarting your ANTMINER:

  1. Power Cycling: Simply turn off the miner (as described above) and then power it back on.
  2. Backend Restart: This method varies slightly depending on the ANTMINER series.
    • For 17 Series: In the miner’s user interface, navigate to “System” and click on “Reboot”.
    • For newer firmware versions, such as the 19 Series: In the lower right corner of the background screen, click on “Restore factory settings”.

Knowing how to properly shut down, restart, or reboot your miner is essential for its maintenance and can be particularly useful when troubleshooting. Follow these steps to ensure you’re correctly managing your ANTMINER’s power state.