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If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to the internet or finding the IP address of your miner, we have provided solutions for common scenarios. Please follow the corresponding steps below:

  1. All brand new miners unable to obtain an IP address:
    • Check if the DHCP service is active on your network. It needs to be enabled for the miner to obtain an IP address.
    • Ensure that MAC binding is disabled on your network. This setting should be turned off.
    • Verify that the router connection and settings are normal.
  2. Some of the new machines unable to obtain an IP address:
    • Check if the UART port can access the network properly. Connect the computer to the port using a network cable and verify network access.
    • Ensure that the IP pool coverage is sufficient. By default, the IP pool may only assign addresses for 99 devices. Consult your router’s manufacturer for information on the maximum number of devices it can support.
  3. All miners unable to mine but have obtained an IP address, and the computer can connect to the network:
    • Check for any network configuration restrictions, such as whitelist settings or network access policies on the router. Consult a network engineer for further troubleshooting.
    • Verify if the network operator has disabled the mining pool port. Contact the network operator’s customer service for assistance.
    • Ensure that the mining pool and miner settings are normal.
    • Connect two miners to another network to check if they operate normally. This will help identify any issues specific to the network in question.
  4. Some of the miners unable to mine while operating:
    • Check the status of the router or UART port for any abnormalities.
    • Verify that the power supply to the miners is stable and normal.
  5. Unable to trace the IP address after changing the miner’s location:
    • Reset the miner by using a needle to press and hold the reset button for approximately 5 seconds while the miner is powered on. Both the red and green indicator lights will turn off, indicating a successful reset. Wait for the miner to restart.

If you encounter any further issues or need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help ensure that your mining operations run smoothly.