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This troubleshooting guide applies to the following ANTMINERs:

A3 // B3 // D3 // L3+ // L3++ // Fixed frequency S9 // V9 // X3 // Z9 // Z9 mini

If your Miner Overview page displays a “Socket connection failed” message, try the following steps:

  1. Reload the Firmware: Download and install the latest firmware from our official website. Run the miner for at least 20 minutes after reloading the firmware.

    Links: [Download Firmware] | [How to Reload Firmware]

  2. Check Your Mining Pool Settings: Make sure there are no errors, including spelling mistakes or spaces, in the mining pool URLs on the Miner Configuration tab. Ensure that your miner can connect to the mining pools.
  3. Check Network Stability: Ensure that your internet and network are stable. Your network configurations or router settings may be causing the error. Use the Ping button under “Network” and then “Diagnostic” to verify that your miner can receive data.
  4. Check Fan Voltage: Compare the voltages of the front and rear fans. If the front fan’s voltage is lower, swap the positions of the fans. Also, check the kernel log for the message “Fatal Error: some Fan lost or Fan speed low”. If this message appears, there might be an issue with the fans. Try replacing them and retesting.

    Links: [Repair My Fan] | [Buy a New Fan]

  5. Reset the Miner:

    Link: [How to Reset the Miner]

  6. Check the Control Board: Disconnect all hash boards from both the power supply unit and the control board. Reboot the miner with only the control board connected. If the error message persists, the control board may need to be replaced.

    Links: [Repair My Control Board] | [Buy a New Control Board]

  7. Test Hash Boards Individually: If the error message disappears when only the control board is connected, run the miner with just one hash board at a time to identify if a particular hash board is causing the issue.

    Link: [How to Test Hash Board One by One]

If you identify defective hash boards, create a repair ticket and return the hash board to us for repair.

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us for assistance.