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Unleashing the Potential of Hydro Cooling for AvalonMiner Models

In the Bitcoin mining world, the AvalonMiner 1066, AvalonMiner 1246, and AvalonMiner 1346 have gained popularity for using 16nm, 12nm, and 7nm ASIC chip technology, respectively. However, the traditional cooling methods involving fans and heatsinks have presented challenges, such as overheating, potential damage to miners, increased noise levels, and limited lifespan and stability. These issues […]

The economics of ASIC production and its impact on the industry

The production of Bitmain’s ASIC chips has become a significant factor in the cryptocurrency market, and its effects are being felt across the industry. As one of the leading producers of ASICs, Bitmain is pushing boundaries by placing huge orders with TSMC for their latest N5 process chips. With increased demand from other microchip customers […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Antminer Mining Hardware

Cryptocurrency mining is becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the potential rewards that can be earned. One way to join this exciting field is by using Antminer mining hardware, a series of ASIC devices specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. While the technology has advanced algorithms and is capable of producing substantial rewards, […]

Understanding How Gossip Protocols Work for Bitcoin Mining

Have you ever heard of the Gossip Protocol? It’s a type of distributed communication protocol used to quickly and reliably disseminate information across large networks. This revolutionary technology offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, such as improved scalability, fault tolerance and decentralization. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what gossip protocols are, how they work […]

Bitcoin’s energy consumption is not a problem

The Bitcoin energy debate continues, seemingly without an end. Given the inability to apply the same scrutiny to other seemingly wasteful applications that consume similar amounts of energy, Bitcoiners are rightly frustrated. The debate doesn’t come down to the details of mining but the social merit of non-state currency. False Narrative or Fact? The energy debate […]

Providing Exceptional Customer Service in ASIC Miner Repairs

Providing exceptional customer service in ASIC miner repairs is a crucial part of any business that provides repair services. It requires patience, communication, and dedication to ensure that the client’s needs are being met and their expectations exceeded. Quality customer service should include timely responses to inquiries, keeping clients updated on the progress of repairs […]

Why You Should Avoid a General Data Center for Mining Colocation

The Bitcoin mining sector continues to grow beyond predictions for the industry by analysts. Fortunes made by Bitcoin miners encourage more entrepreneurs to try their luck in the industry. While the increasing number of Bitcoin miners continues to make the cryptocurrency more popular, it presents another challenge to Bitcoin miners in the sector. The threshold […]

The story behind digital currency mining

Digital currency mining involves the addition and verification of cryptocurrency transactions, which are then added to the blockchain digital ledger. The cryptocurrency miner has the sole responsibility of ensuring that the information offered is authentic and is updated with the blockchain digital ledger. This process has expanded exponentially over the years. The process is quite […]

What are the attributes of a good store of value

When the reserves of value compete with each other, it is particular attributes that make that a new store of value can come to compete with another, first at the margin, then with a demand which will increase with the weather. While many goods have been used as stores of value or “proto-currency,” certain characteristics […]