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Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Post-Halving 2020)

Bitcoin mining is a successful venture for many investors. The sector continues to exceed forecasts by analysts. Entities mining and trading in Bitcoin enjoy several opportunities. Fear of missing out on these investments drives more forces into the market. These individuals and groups find many inventions that are transforming Bitcoin

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When Should You Upgrade Your Crypto Mining Hardware?

If you are involved in the field of crypto or Bitcoin mining, then you know how important your mining hardware is. For those who might not know, Bitcoin mining is essential to the role of this digital currency platform. While many people thought that Bitcoin was going to be something

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How Bitcoin’s Halving Has Affected The Industry

When the bitcoin was originated, it was set on a network that allows all members of the network equal power and utilizes the same currency no matter where they are located. Upon the development of this digital currency was the intent of halving the bitcoin on four-year intervals. The reasoning

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Why You Should Choose Canada for Bitcoin Mining Colocation

As several players position themselves to reap from the lucrative Bitcoin mining industry, your firm’s location plays a crucial role. Many factors inform your decision to have your site. They may include the availability of energy, the cost of power, and regulations surrounding Bitcoin. Quebec stands out as one of

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How do Bitcoin Transactions Work?

The world of Bitcoin is growing quickly. Furthermore, it is actually growing to the point that many people who have studied traditional currencies are actually becoming more interested in the world of Bitcoin. For those who are wondering how Bitcoin works, it is first important to understand how the currency is set

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Bitcoin Mining Competition Is Increasing 

Hundreds of cryptocurrency coins have been invented, but none have stood the test of time like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is such a significant player in cryptocurrency, that it influences movements of other coins. Once you decide to get into the cryptocurrency space, you’re either one of two types. You are either

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Bitmain Next-generation T19 Bitcoin Miner announced

As the competition in the Bitcoin mining industry is getting stiffer, companies are coming up with new inventions to outdo each other. Some also do it to regain their lost market. Bitmain, as one of these companies, has not been left out. It recently launched Antminer T19, which is a

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The Rise of ASIC Commoditization

The Rise of ASIC Commoditization Since the emergent of cryptocurrencies and, most especially, Bitcoin, the industry has gained tremendous growth and attention with a lot of scholars and experts holding that Bitcoin is the next big thing. The growth of cryptocurrency can be attested to the idea that it’s coordinated

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How to Choose a Bitcoin Mining Pool

How to Choose a Bitcoin Mining Pool Bitcoin mining is one of the most exciting endeavors. Apart from the lucrative economic returns, it gives miners the privilege to mine their own bitcoins. While the yield may vary from one miner to another, it is always considered a more profitable option

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