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Infected ASICs: A Growing Menace for Crypto Miners Everywhere

As the digital world continues to evolve, so does hackers’ malicious intent with new and more complex viruses. In recent years, we have experienced a sharp rise in mining hardware attacks from hidden malware that steals hash capacities from ASIC owners. This has led to an increase of 4467% in 2018 compared to the previous […]

Protect Your Network From Malware: How To Identify and Isolate Infected Miners

To identify which PCs or miners are infected with the virus, you need to check each computer and miner on an individual basis. Begin by running a full system scan for malicious software. This should reveal any suspicious files, processes, or settings that could be associated with the virus. It may also uncover evidence of […]

ASIC Mining and Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Rig from Threats

ASIC mining rigs provide great opportunities for mining cryptocurrencies but come with their own set of risks as well. By following some simple cybersecurity tips outlined above and taking proper precautions, miners can help ensure that their rigs remain safe and secure while maximizing profits from cryptocurrency mining operations. Steps to Protect Your Rig from […]

Staying Safe With Bitcoin: Tips For Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular form of currency, but it’s not without its risks. As more people use Bitcoin to make transactions and store their money, the need for security and safety grows as well. In this blog post, we will discuss how to stay safe with Bitcoin by avoiding common pitfalls such as […]