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Unleashing the Potential of Hydro Cooling for AvalonMiner Models

In the Bitcoin mining world, the AvalonMiner 1066, AvalonMiner 1246, and AvalonMiner 1346 have gained popularity for using 16nm, 12nm, and 7nm ASIC chip technology, respectively. However, the traditional cooling methods involving fans and heatsinks have presented challenges, such as overheating, potential damage to miners, increased noise levels, and limited lifespan and stability. These issues […]

The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Effective Antminer Overclocking

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining stands as a cornerstone activity, underpinning the decentralized ethos of digital currency. This process involves the validation of transactions on the Bitcoin network and the addition of these transactions to the blockchain, a public ledger. The reward for this critical service is new Bitcoin, incentivizing miners to […]

Bitcoin’s energy consumption is not a problem

The Bitcoin energy debate continues, seemingly without an end. Given the inability to apply the same scrutiny to other seemingly wasteful applications that consume similar amounts of energy, Bitcoiners are rightly frustrated. The debate doesn’t come down to the details of mining but the social merit of non-state currency. False Narrative or Fact? The energy debate […]

Bitcoin and the Galactic Credits: A Star Wars Tale

In both the enchanting realm of the Star Wars universe and our tangible reality, the concept of money plays a pivotal role in shaping the fabric of societies. Galactic Credits, the lifeblood of commerce and politics in a galaxy far, far away, parallel the emergence and impact of Bitcoin in our modern world. These currencies, […]

The Key Attributes of a Resilient Store of Value

In the complex tapestry of finance and economics, the concept of a “store of value” emerges as a fundamental pillar, underpinning the stability and predictability of financial systems worldwide. At its core, a store of value represents an asset that can be saved, retrieved, and exchanged in the future without significant deterioration in its worth. […]