The importance of engineered scarcity

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Engineered scarcity is a way of creating artificial value and utility, often through technology, that enables people to store their wealth in something that maintains purchasing power over time. It’s an important concept, now more than ever, because of the advances being made in robotics and AI, which have the potential to create a world of abundance.

In this world of abundant energy, AI available to all and robots building robots with 3D printers, engineered scarcity will become increasingly valuable to ensure long-term purchasing power. Traditional assets such as stocks, bonds and real estate can no longer be relied upon for their ability to retain their value over time. Gold, too, may become less reliable as NASA plans on visiting nearby asteroids with $93 billion worth of gold for every human – making it more accessible than before.

The only asset that will remain scarce and reliable is Bitcoin. While OpenAI is showing how mental work/software can be made abundant and eventually cheap, there are still certain aspects of work that only humans can do. So in the abundant future, people will need to do just enough work in their lifetime to acquire some Bitcoin to remain financially secure.

Engineering scarcity makes it possible for people to store wealth without worrying about its depreciation due to inflationary fiat or other factors that create abundance, like the advances being made in technology today. This means investments made in Bitcoin today are likely to retain their value long into the future since its limited supply means it’s not affected by these other factors like stocks or real estate might be.

How robotics, AI, asteroid mining, and nuclear fusion can create a world of abundance

The world as we know it is rapidly changing, and robotics, AI, asteroid mining and nuclear fusion are at the forefront of this change. By leveraging these new technologies in innovative ways, it’s possible to create a world of abundance that can provide enough resources for everyone. Robotics can speed up production processes, while AI offers intelligent decision-making capabilities. Asteroid mining makes valuable materials from space more accessible, and nuclear fusion creates clean energy without producing pollution. With these advancements in technology and science, a future with plenty for all is within reach.

Why do we need scarcity to store excess earnings over time

We need scarcity to store excess earnings over time because it provides a reliable way to maintain purchasing power. Without engineered scarcity, many traditional assets like stocks and real estate can no longer be relied upon, given the advances in robotics and AI that create a world of abundance.

The only asset that will remain scarce and reliable is Bitcoin, whose limited supply ensures its value does not depreciate due to factors like fiat money inflation or increases in resource availability through technology. This means investments made in Bitcoin today are likely to retain their value long into the future since its limited supply allows it to remain unaffected by these other factors.

Engineered scarcity allows people to store their wealth without worrying about its depreciation over time, meaning they can enjoy greater security regarding their financial future. So while there might be plenty of resources available in an abundant world, we still need engineered scarcity so that our excess earnings don’t disappear overnight due to a lack of purchasing power preservation tools.

What could happen to stocks and real estate in this new world

In this new world of abundance, stocks and real estate may no longer be reliable investments. Advances in robotics and AI can create a world of abundance, making it difficult for these traditional assets to retain their value over time. Additionally, fiat money is often subject to inflationary pressures due to government policies or changing market conditions – further eroding the purchasing power of stocks and real estate over time. In contrast, Bitcoin has been engineered for scarcity; its limited supply means its value cannot be affected by factors like inflationary fiat money or increasing resource availability from technological advances. As such, investing in both traditional assets as well as those engineered specifically for scarcity could provide greater security regarding one’s financial future while still allowing them to benefit from potential growth opportunities too.

How gold would be impacted by asteroid mining

The concept of asteroid mining has been gaining traction in recent years and could have far-reaching implications for the gold market. Asteroid mining may provide access to larger reserves of rare metals and minerals, including large amounts of gold typically found in small deposits on Earth. This influx of new supplies could potentially flood the market with too much supply, resulting in a decrease in demand for gold which would drive down its price accordingly. On the other hand, if buyers show strong demand for these newly available supplies from asteroids, this could drive up prices significantly due to their scarcity or limited availability compared to traditional sources here on Earth. Thus, it is important for investors to closely monitor any developments regarding asteroid mining so they can better understand its impacts before making any investments in this asset class going forward.

Why Bitcoin is future-ready for an abundant future

Bitcoin is an example of a technology explicitly engineered for scarcity, and it has the potential to provide a haven for investors in an increasingly abundant world. As traditional asset values are vulnerable to inflationary pressures and rising resource availability, Bitcoin can offer an alternative means of preserving wealth while still providing the potential for capital appreciation over time.

Unlike traditional assets, Bitcoin’s deflationary supply schedule is hardcoded into its protocol, limiting the number of coins that will ever be issued. This helps ensure that Bitcoin remains scarce and gives holders confidence that their investments will retain their value over time even if new entrants enter the market or resources become more abundant. Furthermore, since the underlying technology is decentralized with no centralized entity controlling its issuance, holders have peace of mind knowing that government policies or inflationary pressures won’t erode their wealth.

The immutability of transactions on the blockchain also helps protect investors from fraud or theft, as all records are securely encrypted and distributed among all participants in the network. This ensures that only authorized parties can change any transaction, making it much harder for malicious actors to manipulate data or steal funds.

In addition, Bitcoin comes with certain advantages over traditional assets, such as faster transaction speeds and lower fees which makes it perfect for use as payments in day-to-day transactions or remittances across borders, both of which may become increasingly important in a world where resource availability continues to rise, and assets become more abundant.

Overall, it is clear that Bitcoin offers future-ready solutions for people looking to maintain their wealth amidst increasing abundance. Its deflationary supply schedule helps ensure its scarcity, while its decentralized nature assures that it won’t be affected by government policies like other fiat currencies may be. Its immutability also protects holders from fraud or theft, while its speed and low fees make it ideal for everyday payments.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Bitcoin offers a viable solution for those looking to maintain their wealth in an increasingly abundant world. Its deflationary supply schedule helps ensure its scarcity, while the technology’s decentralized nature assures government policies and inflationary pressures. Furthermore, its immutability ensures protection from fraud or theft, and its speed and low fees make it perfect for everyday payments. As such, humans should consider finding work only they can do so they can start acquiring some Bitcoin for financial security before resource availability increases further down the line.

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