A bear market is when the price of Bitcoin begins to decline and continues to decline for an extended period of at least 20% as panic sets in among those who are unconvinced and sell.

You will see a lot of red candles in the price charts when you are in a bear market. Not only that, but there will usually be a lot of negative news, aka FUD, which is also designed to discourage you.

Often characterized by negative sentiment around the asset, some would say that bear markets can provide a great opportunity to acquire more Bitcoin at a cheaper price. More would even say that bear markets offer a good discount if you can handle the sea of ​​red on the charts, it would be a good opportunity to stock up for the next bull market.

The reason for the term “bear market” is the way the bear attacks something, standing on its hind legs and sliding with both front legs with brute force, hence the connection with the direction of the falling price charts .