A bull market is everyone’s favorite place when they have Bitcoin! This is when there is an extended period of upward movement in the fiat price of the underlying asset.

Depending on your time preference for a bull or how far you “zoom” on the charts, a bull market can last for a week, months or more, usually if the price appreciates by 20% within a given time frame. , although there is no written rule. . Typically, there will be a lot of green candles in Bitcoin price charts.

You’ll know you’re in a bull market when everyone’s confidence explodes as everyone starts investing, driving the price up even further. Normies, no coiners, moonboys, noobs… they all come out to play on social media.

The reason for the term “bull market” is the bull’s way of attacking something, lowering its head and neck, then pushing upwards with some force, hence the connection to the upward direction of the charts.