There are a lot of bad actors in the world and the scammer has found his place in the bitcoin world as well. They are basically scam artists who manage to scam people out of their money through fraud and lies as opposed to brute force.

Scammers can be seen operating on just about every aspect of Bitcoin Twitter, but they can take different forms.

The most obvious scammers are shitcoiners who attempt to scam your Bitcoin for promises of higher payouts through rug pulling technology.

However, there are scammers in the bitcoin world who try to coax you into random Telegram or Discord groups or where they will “double your money” if you send them bitcoin first.

Remember that if you send Bitcoins to a wallet whose private keys you don’t have, it no longer belongs to you.

Once you dive deep into Bitcoin and enjoy every sat, you will be well prepared to avoid the angst and tactics employed by the scammer.