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When looking at Bitcoin price charts in “candle view,” you will see red candles and green candles, which represent the price movement of Bitcoin in a given time frame. ou may also notice that there is a thin line protruding from the top or bottom of these candles – these

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Weak Hands

Weak hands is a term used to describe people who capitulated and sold their Bitcoin at the first sign of trouble. Usually, people with weak hands will be badly affected by FUD and easily manipulated from their Bitcoin position. Many noobs will fall into the weak category due to not

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As more and more people on Bitcoin Twitter get excited about raising the price of Bitcoin or even dispelling baseless FUDs, one acronym that pops up is WAGMI. It means, “We Are Gonna Make It.” Usually a positive battle cry for anyone who has purchased sats to band together and

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A UTXHOE is a play on the bitcoin technical term a UTXO, which in Bitcoin refers to an unspent transaction output. While a UTXO refers to the coins currently in your possession on the chain, a UTXHOE is someone who seeks to secure your coins for themselves through a method

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Like ghosts in the mind, a “spook” is anything that a group of people, society, mainstream media, or influencers will lead you to believe is real, but it’s not – fundamentally, an illusion. For example, often on social media you’ll see a concept repeated so often on your news feed

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Soft Fork

You can think of soft forks as upgrades to the existing Bitcoin blockchain. These upgrades go through extensive testing, discussion, and approvals by the entire network of nodes and miners before they can be implemented on the Bitcoin network due to its decentralized nature. Once approval is signaled by all

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Smash Buy

To smash buy or smash that buy button is to take advantage of the Bitcoin spot price for that day or hour and pick up Satoshis for what is considered an affordable price. It’s a term inspired by YouTubers who always ask their audience to smash that like or subscribe

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A shitcoin is a coin that provides absolutely no value. Value is of course subjective, but you can often tell that a part has just been made to make a part. Usually these are parts that have been put together without much thought as to how demand will be created

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A “shill” is a snake oil salesman who tries to trick you into buying their shitcoin by relentlessly promoting their “potentially huge payouts”. There is, of course, no chance of that happening and all you do if you buy the token they are cheating you with is make them rich,

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Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin. It’s like a penny in USD. Since Bitcoin is superior to fiat currency, its divisibility is much greater, whereas 1 dollar can be divided into 100 cents. 1 Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million coins. So what

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