Bitcoin Privacy

An Overview of Bitcoin Privacy

Multiple ways to maintain your privacy on-chain

Cryptocurrency has grown by leaps and bounds during the past few years. One of the most popular digital currency options is Bitcoin. There has been a lot of attention paid to Bitcoin recently and one of the major issues that has been discussed is the idea of privacy.

Privacy is a major concern when people use the internet and when people are using the internet to deal with issues related to money, the stakes are even higher. This is where the advent of a new Bluetooth-based network, called Snowball, becomes of critical importance. The goal of Snowball is to make it easier for everyone to make private transactions using Bitcoin. This technology is based on the concept of something called CoinJoins.

What Are CoinJoins?

For those who might not know, the idea of a CoinJoin is to make it easier for people to make private transactions using Bitcoin. CoinJoins can be used to scramble multiple transactions into one. This makes it easier for people to hide their tracks when they make transactions using the Bitcoin network, which is an issue that is incredibly important for everyone who uses the internet on a regular basis.

The Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet is one of the most popular associations with CoinJoins. Wasabi Wallet makes it easy for everyone to use CoinJoins; however, CoinJoins are also a bit more expensive and difficult to obtain when compared to normal Bitcoin transactions. As a result, they are still only a very small portion of the total number of Bitcoin transactions that take place. Furthermore, these transactions have been around for years.

While CoinJoins is a strong option for those who want to create a more private Bitcoin network, there have been numerous hurdles to its adoption. The expensive nature of the transactions and the difficulty of obtaining CoinJoins has kept the percentage of these private transactions to a minimum. This has led to the development of a similar technology based on CoinJoins. This is called PayJoins. 

The goal is to make PayJoins easy and widespread, helping people protect their transactions. The goal of this new technology is to create a Snowball effect, which is why it is called Snowball technology. The goal is to ensure that each transaction is going to have the option of traversing a different network if the internet is unavailable. So, how does this new technology work?

How Does the New Technology Work?

While CoinJoins has been around for a long time, there has been a push to come up with an effective alternative. That is where PayJoins was born. The hope is that PayJoins can still work just as well with Wasabi Wallet as CoinJoins only on a higher scale.

The idea for PayJoins started at a blockchain hackathon that was taking place in Wyoming. This brought together some of the best and brightest minds in the world of cryptocurrency who all tried to come up with something new when it came to products and services for the Bitcoin market.

When the experts were looking at alternatives to what was currently available, they all settled on the idea of Bluetooth. There has been some precedent for using Bluetooth to protect people’s anonymity in the past. While the internet is supposed to be this fantastic, anonymous place, this isn’t the case. The reality is that the internet is easy to track, particularly when people don’t take the proper precautions. This places people on the Bitcoin network at risk as well. Protesters in Hong Kong had figured out that they could actually use Bluetooth to conceal their identities from the authorities. They were using this to disseminate information about the protests that were taking place while still trying to avoid arrest. This is where the creators of PayJoins, who were trying to upgrade CoinJoins and Wasabi Wallet, decided to follow in their footsteps.

They realized that the protesters were doing a good job with Bluetooth because this is tech that is available nearly everywhere. It is already present in every phone. For this reason, Bluetooth could be a great way to help people protect their privacy while using Bitcoin if they could find a way to leverage it in an appropriate manner.

They decided to take a closer look at the idea of Bluetooth for PayJoins. A team came together and took advantage of tech called Pay to EndPoint, which is oten shortened to P2EP. This is an idea that had been around for about a year and had been kicked around for improving the privacy of the world of Bitcoin. Instead of requiring people to make the transaction at the same time, which is how CoinJoins works, the tech requires only the sender and the receiver in order to mix the transactions in with others. Therefore, the original idea of CoinJoins could still hold true; however, it would be easier to coordinate everyone’s schedules. The hope is that this would make it easier for the Bitcoin network to adopt PayJoins than they had CoinJoins while still taking advantage of the environment that was created by CoinJoins.

Improving Security

There are a few ways that P2EP actually improves the security of the Bitcoin Network. First, users do not have to find another set of people who are making a transaction at the same time in order to blend the transactions together and hide the identities of those involved. This means that it is easier for everyone to use the P2EP technology effectively. Second, it is also possible that PayJoins is even more private than the existing CoinJoins technology. There are only two people who are making a transaction at the same time. When there aren’t a bunch of people trying to make a transaction at the same time, it is much harder to detect the presence of a mixer.


There are a few reasons why it is so important for everyone to make sure their transactions are private. First, this is a network that impacts everyone. When lots of people are making a private transaction, this makes everyone else more private as well. Furthermore, it is also important to try to undermine people who are trying to carry out something called Chainalysis. These are people who are trying to look into Bitcoin transactions to try to find patterns and take advantage of the network. Keeping these people at bay is important for making sure that everyone is kept safe. There are fears that this type of analysis might taint certain coins and make them unusable in the future. By hiding transaction histories, every Bitcoin can be treated equally, which will keep the network intact for the future. While it is nice that there are now multiple options available for privacy in the world of Bitcoin, it is still critical for everyone to take steps to protect themselves. CoinJoins is still one of the top options out there and the hope is that PayJoins is going to be able to improve on this existing technology. Both of these measures have been designed to work with something called Wasabi Wallet.

What Is Wasabi Wallet?

One of the tools that people use to protect their identities and their transaction histories on the Bitcoin network is called Wasabi Wallet. For those who might not know, Wasabi Wallet was the first technology that was designed to implement with CoinJoin. This is an open-source wallet, which means that the code is out there for anyone who knows where to look. It has been written in C#, .NET Core. The package involved in the design of Wasabi Wallet includes Tor, which is one of the top private browsers in the world. All of the traffic that takes place using Wasabi Wallet has been designed to go through Tor, which hides the IP addresses of everyone involved. This protects people’s identities. 

Furthermore, Wasabi Wallet is also popular because it is easy to install and employ. Wasabi Wallet has been designed to use a litany of privacy tech including address reuse avoidance, mandatory coin control, and even a hierarchical deterministic wallet. The Wasabi Wallet also uses block filtering on the client-side. In this manner, Wasabi Wallet has been designed to come up with its own transaction history in a different, private way. These are just a few of the reasons why the Wasabi Wallet has become so popular among those who are looking for ways to conceal their transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Those who use Wasabi Wallet connect to a server that has been designed to coordinate users who are using CoinJoin tech. Then, the Wasabi Wallet uses something called schnorr blind signatures. This is similar to the cryptography that many others use to blind signatures and bear certificates. This server has been designed to make sure that nobody learns about the linkage that is taking place between the inputs and outputs that are required to make mixed transactions happen. The server is run by a unique company that is responsible for running the Wasabi Wallet. The way the Wasabi Wallet company makes its money is by taking a fee from each CoinJoin transaction of between 0.1 and 0.2 percent. 

This is one of the big issues that has been debated surrounding Wasabi Wallet. While there is a small fee that the company takes, this is nothing when compared to the benefits that users get in the form of privacy. Wasabi Wallet has become more popular during the past few years as the CoinJoin tech has become more widespread.

Now that there are rumors of PayJoin coming to the surface, many are wondering if Wasabi Wallet is going to become even more popular. Given that PayJoin has been based on the system that is used by CoinJoin, it should be able to pair with Wasabi Wallet easily as well, allowing users some degree of familiarity with the system. Given the extreme measures of privacy that are taken by Wasabi Wallet, it makes sense that users would still want to use this wallet in the future. This could be how users protect their privacy on Bitcoin.

The Future of Bitcoin Might Include More Privacy

Today, there are more people paying attention to Bitcoin than ever before. One of the reasons why Bitcoin hasn’t picked up as much as people thought is that there are a lot of people who are worried that their privacy might be compromised. When this involves money, this is a major hurdle that can be tough for people to overcome. It is nice to see that there are people who are working hard to try to address this issue. If PayJoins becomes more widespread, the sky might be the limit for Bitcoin. The ability of people to protect their privacy on Bitcoin will only help it grow even more.


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