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Generally, people turn to altcoins to protect themselves from Bitcoin. They will tell you that spending is essential, that Bitcoin 2.0 will be even better if you give them some of your Bitcoin. Once you fall into temptation, they will leave you alone.

An altcoin is an alternative currency. Altcoins are often considered a cryptocurrency. They are not to be confused with bitcoin; the supply of bitcoin is limited and can’t change in time. In Blockchain politics, everyone is a scammer. There is a war for your bitcoins, and your only defense is willpower. Although unlimited amounts have been injected into altcoins, ICO software, vulnerable third-party services, etc., many issues related to Bitcoin still need to be resolved through open source development, funding for these projects, security, accessibility, and user-friendliness of the software.

The Bitcoin network is growing, making it an even better investment. Most altcoins are technically different from Bitcoin, which often explains why people invest in them. The reasoning is this: since these altcoins have much of the same utility of Bitcoin with something else, altcoin may be more useful than Bitcoin and therefore takes over. If an altcoin shows its usefulness, Bitcoin can add the same utility in several ways. Altcoins must not only compete with Bitcoin but also with all entrepreneurs looking to build something on Bitcoin.

When you compete with Bitcoin, you compete not only with its user base, development team, and much larger activities but also against the vast ecosystem of startups, open-source projects, and entrepreneurs. This does not mean that any investment in an altcoin is terrible. Each investor must assess their risk/return ratio and decide whether or not it meets their objectives.

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