High Quality 138° Solder Paste

High Quality 138° Solder Paste


Step into the realm of superior soldering with D-Central’s 138° Solder Paste. This high-quality, low-temperature solder paste is the solution you need for all your soldering applications – be it for hobbyist tinkering, professional PCB assembly, or electronic device repair.

Our 138° solder paste is carefully crafted to provide an optimum balance between ease-of-use and performance. Packed in a user-friendly tube, it makes application straightforward and clean-up a breeze, adding convenience and efficiency to your soldering process.

Formulated with excellent wetting properties, D-Central’s 138° Solder Paste ensures a smooth and even spread on your work surfaces, minimizing waste while maximizing effectiveness. It is the embodiment of consistency and quality, producing excellent welding effects that ensure a strong and reliable joint every time.

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With a low melting point of 138 degrees, our solder paste is ideal for heat-sensitive components. It offers a reliable fusion without the risk of damage due to overheating. This makes it a safe choice for an extensive range of electronics and delicate components, where precision soldering is key.

Each tube of D-Central’s 138° Solder Paste contains 50g of product, ample for numerous applications. So, whether you’re working on a one-off repair, a small project, or multiple assemblies, you’ll have plenty to see you through.

D-Central’s 138° Solder Paste truly sets the bar high in the world of soldering solutions. It combines high-quality composition, excellent welding effects, and easy handling in one convenient package. Boost your soldering efficiency and achieve outstanding results with D-Central’s 138° Solder Paste. Perfect your soldering applications and embrace the uncompromising quality that our solder paste offers.

Please note: Remember to use this product responsibly. Ensure you’re wearing appropriate protective gear and follow safety precautions while using D-Central’s 138° Solder Paste. Read the provided instructions carefully before use.

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Weight 47 g
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 cm


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