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Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition

Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition


The Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition is an innovative dual-purpose ASIC miner designed to run efficiently on both 110-120V and 200-240V power sockets. This advanced device delivers a hashrate of 56 TH/s while consuming only 1200 watts, making it both a powerful Bitcoin miner and an effective space heater. Its custom-designed, 3D-printed case safely encloses all components, and it operates quietly at just 53 db, making it ideal for homes, offices, warehouses, and sheds. Enhanced with BraiinsOS+ firmware, it offers underclocking and voltage setting capabilities, ensuring optimal performance without overloading your electrical setup. Perfect for larger spaces and seamlessly integrating with smart home systems, the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition provides both warmth and profitable mining operations. Upgrade your mining experience today with this versatile and efficient solution, combining the practicality of home heating with the profitability of Bitcoin mining. Enjoy a warm environment and earn Bitcoin effortlessly with the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition.

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Introducing the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition, an innovative ASIC miner designed to run on both standard 110V and 200-240V power sockets. With this setup, you can get your miner hashing in under five minutes. Just plug it in, configure your Wi-Fi and pool credentials, and you’re ready to go.

Optimal settings

  • Power: 110-120V and 200-240V compatible
  • Hashrate: 56 TH/s
  • Power Consumption: 1200 Watts
  • Noise Level: 53 db
  • Energy Efficiency: 23J/T

Dual-Purpose Functionality

  • Mining and Heating: This triple hashboard Antminer S19k Pro not only mines efficiently but also doubles as a space heater, making it perfect for use in homes, offices, warehouses, and sheds.
  • Safety and Convenience: Our custom-designed, 3D-printed case encloses the entire unit and APW3 PSU, neatly containing all cables and connectors for safe use.

Enhanced Power Compatibility

  • Silent Power Unit: The standard APW12 is replaced with a modded and silenced APW3 power supply unit for 110V compatibility and quieter operation.
  • Loki Boards: Equipped with Pivotal Pleb Tech Loki boards, the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition operates efficiently on both 110/120V and 208/240V power standards, accommodating diverse power setups.

Enhanced Performance with BraiinsOS+

Powered by BraiinsOS+, the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition offers enhanced performance and reliability. BraiinsOS+ is a firmware known for its stability and advanced features, providing you with an edge in the competitive mining landscape. It allows for underclocking and setting the voltage to match with the APW3, ensuring optimal performance without overloading your electrical setup.

Important Considerations

  • No Autotuning: Since this unit uses an APW3 power supply, it does not support autotuning.
  • Noise Control: The unit is modified with quiet, silent fans to ensure minimal noise. This configuration means you cannot push the unit or overclock it, nor can you run it in normal mode or with stock firmware. The unit is finely balanced and tuned for residential and commercial setups on 110V (and other voltages) to avoid tripping breakers. It is recommended to never run the unit over 1200 watts.

Ideal for Larger Spaces

The Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition is an excellent choice for heating larger spaces, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for maintaining a comfortable environment while mining Bitcoin. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant ensures that you can manage and control your heating and mining activities through a centralized smart home interface.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Setup: Start hashing and heating in under five minutes with a simple plug-and-play installation.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for homes, offices, warehouses, and sheds, providing both heating and Bitcoin mining capabilities.
  • Safe and Secure: Custom PSU holder ensures all cables and connectors are safely enclosed, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • High Efficiency: Achieve optimal mining performance with 23J/T energy efficiency, ensuring maximum profitability.
  • Noise Control: Operates quietly at 53 db, making it suitable for residential environments.
  • Silent Yet Powerful: Specialized cooling modifications ensure silent operations without compromising mining power.

D-Central is dedicated to providing innovative and efficient Bitcoin mining solutions. Our Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition exemplifies this commitment, offering a dual-purpose device that combines high-performance mining with practical heating capabilities. Upgrade to the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition today and enjoy the benefits of a powerful, efficient, and versatile mining rig that fits seamlessly into your everyday life.

Enhance your home or office with the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition, the ultimate solution for dual-purpose Bitcoin mining and heating. Enjoy a warm environment while earning Bitcoin, and take advantage of the cutting-edge technology and convenience offered by this innovative product.

Additional information

Weight 12700 g
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

Wired, WiFi


Standard Nidec, Silent Arctic P12, Silent Noctua NF-F12

Body Color

Black, Gray, White, Orange

Power Cord

2xNEMA 5-15P to IEC C13 (US), 2xCEE 7/7 to IEC C13 (EU)


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