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Loki DIY Kit

Loki DIY Kit


Channel the spirit of Loki, the enigmatic Norse god of mischief, with our Loki DIY Kit, meticulously designed to revolutionize your Bitmain X19 mining journey. Why settle for the ordinary when you can customize and create?

Dreamed of having your X19 rig effortlessly powered from a standard 120V outlet? The constraints of yesterday are now a thing of the past. With the Loki DIY Kit, that elusive dream is brought to life. Empower your miners to hash seamlessly from any appropriate 12-15V DC power supply. But this kit offers more than just power—it’s a gateway to expanded possibilities, unmatched flexibility, and peak efficiency in your mining projects.

What sets the Loki DIY Kit apart is its exceptional compatibility. Bypass the need for pricey power units and harness the potential of those older, cost-effective PSUs like APW3 and APW7. Designed for DIY enthusiasts, this kit enables you to craft your own one hashboard Antminer Slim version effortlessly. But if DIY isn’t your style, D-Central has you covered. Opt for our ready-made, plug-and-play version and dive straight into optimized mining.

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Discover the future of efficient Bitcoin mining with the all-new Loki Kit series, meticulously crafted to enhance your mining operations. Whether you’re running Braiins, Vnish, Bitmain, or LuxOS firmware, our versatile kits are designed to seamlessly integrate with a range of control boards, offering unparalleled power and versatility.

Discover the Perfect Kit for Your Mining Needs

  • Loki-Duo: Dive into the world of advanced mining with the Loki-Duo. Tailored for those harnessing the power of BraiinsOS, VNish, or its derivatives like Asic.to firmware, this kit is a blend of sophistication and functionality. Equipped with the fundamental LOKI-PSS and LOKI-HBS circuit boards, the Loki-Duo also offers additional components like a 2-Pin Push-To-Install Header, 2-Pin Jumper, and a 2-Wire 2.54mm Jumper. If you’re seeking a robust solution that enhances your mining prowess, Loki-Duo stands out as an impeccable choice.
  • Loki-Lite: For enthusiasts inclined towards Bitmain, LuxOS, or HiveOS firmware, and those utilizing a Xilinx or Beagle Bone control board, the Loki-Lite is a match made in heaven. Not only does it feature the versatile LOKI-PSS board, but it also comes with a 2-Pin Push-To-Install Header, 2-Pin Jumper, and a special 2-Wire 2mm-2.54mm Jumper. Prioritizing compatibility and peak performance, the Loki-Lite is a testament to precision engineering.
  • Loki-AmLite: If you’re using the Amlogic control board and standard hashboards, the Loki-AmLite emerges as the optimal choice. However, a word to the wise: if you’re using “NoPic” hashboards with Bitmain firmware, it’s recommended to avoid connecting Loki-AmLite to a 120V outlet to steer clear of potential overloading issues. Packed with components like the LOKI-PSS board, two 2-Pin Push-To-Install Headers, a 2-Pin Jumper, and a Single Wire Jumper, this kit is crafted for those who prioritize efficiency and safety.

Dive into our three standout variants and find the perfect fit for your setup:

Aspect Loki-Duo Loki-Lite Loki-AmLite
Description The ultimate companion for advanced miners. Tailored for high compatibility and performance. Best suited for standard hashboards.
Components – LOKI-PSS circuit board
– LOKI-HBS circuit board
– 2-Pin Push-To-Install Header
– 2-Pin Jumper
– 2-Wire 2.54mm Jumper
– LOKI-PSS board
– 2-Pin Push-To-Install Header
– 2-Pin Jumper
– 2-Wire 2mm-2.54mm Jumper
– LOKI-PSS board
– Two 2-Pin Push-To-Install Headers
– 2-Pin Jumper
– Single Wire Jumper
Compatible Control Boards Xilinx Xilinx, Beagle Bone Amlogic
Compatible Firmware BraiinsOS, VNish Bitmain, LuxOS, HiveOS Bitmain (Not suitable for “NoPic” at 120V)
Special Notes Ideal for sophisticated miners. Designed for optimal compatibility. Avoid overloads with specific configurations.

Dive deep into the world of optimized Bitcoin mining with D-Central Technologies Inc. Explore the Loki DIY Kits and revolutionize your Bitmain X19 mining approach. Boost your Bitcoin mining game with the Loki Kit series – the ultimate blend of power, versatility, and performance. Secure your kit today.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm
Loki Variants

Loki-Duo, Loki-Lite, Loki-AmLite


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