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Bitmain Antminer S19k Pro

Bitmain Antminer S19k Pro


Experience the best of both worlds with D-Central’s Antminer S19k Pro – a versatile mining solution that excels in both hashing centers and home environments. Choose from stock or custom 120V modifications for optimal performance.

D-Central Technologies introduces the Antminer S19k Pro, a versatile and powerful miner from the renowned Bitmain S19 Series. With our unique customization options, this miner is not just for large-scale hashing centers but also an ideal choice for home miners.

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D-Central Technologies proudly presents the Antminer S19k Pro, a standout in the Bitmain S19 Series, now available with bespoke modifications for diverse mining needs. Whether you’re operating a large-scale hashing center or delving into home mining, this miner is designed to excel in any environment.

  • Dual-Purpose Functionality: The Antminer S19k Pro is a unique miner in the 19 series, capable of running at full capacity in professional setups or at a lower hashrate for efficient home mining.
  • Customizable for 120V Home Mining: While the stock Antminer S19k Pro is a powerhouse, D-Central offers the option to optimize it for 120V home mining. This modification ensures high efficiency and quieter operation, making it perfect for residential settings.
  • Effortless Modification and Reversibility: Our modifications do not require disassembling the entire miner. The process is straightforward, preserving the integrity of the miner and allowing for easy reversion to its original high-speed form when needed.
  • Enhanced Power Supply Unit: We equip the Antminer S19k Pro with a modded APW3 PSU, complete with Noctua fans operating at 3k rpm. This upgrade not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces noise, making it the most efficient and quiet home ASIC miner.
  • Future-Proof Efficiency: By undervolting and underclocking, the Antminer S19k Pro’s efficiency rivals that of the upcoming Antminer 21 series. This advanced modification allows you to enjoy next-generation efficiency today, all on a standard 120V power supply.

Choosing Your Antminer S19k Pro Edition: Stock vs. Loki Rig

Stock/Standard Edition:

  • Original Performance: Ideal for professional setups, maintaining Bitmain’s factory specifications.
  • Standard Power and Cooling: Comes with the original APW12 PSU and cooling system.

Loki Rig Edition:

  • Customized for Home Mining: Underclocked and undervolted to 56 TH/s for efficient, quiet operation.
  • 120V Compatibility: Includes the Pivotal Pleb Tech Loki Kit, making it suitable for home mining on standard power.
  • Enhanced Quietness: Equipped with Noctua fans and a modified APW3 PSU for near-silent performance.

Choose the edition that aligns with your mining needs: high-performance professional mining with the Stock Edition or quiet, efficient home mining with the Loki Rig Edition.

Why Choose the Antminer S19k Pro from D-Central?

  • Versatility: Whether for a professional hashing center or a home mining setup, the Antminer S19k Pro adapts to your needs.
  • Customization Expertise: D-Central’s modifications are expertly crafted, ensuring you get the most out of your miner without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Dual-Purpose Utility: The Antminer S19k Pro can also serve as a space heater, offering dual utility while maximizing your mining efficiency.

Embrace the future of mining with the Antminer S19k Pro from D-Central. Whether you’re a professional miner or a home enthusiast, this machine offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility. Visit [Your Website] to order your customized Antminer S19k Pro today and step into the next era of crypto mining.

Want the full benefits of dual-purpose mining?

D-Central Technologies takes innovation a step further with the Antminer S19k Pro Space Heater Edition. This unique offering combines the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining with the practicality of a space heater, making it an ideal solution for those seeking to maximize the utility of their investment.

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Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 55 × 33 × 43 cm


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