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If you need to assign a static IP address to a large number of mining machines, you can use the APMinerTool for batch configuration.

Here’s the link to download the software: APMinerTool

Important: Some antivirus software may mistakenly delete the APMinerTool software after downloading and unpacking it. You may need to add the software to the trust list of your antivirus software. After unpacking the file, double-click APMinerTool.exe in the folder to open it.

There are two scenarios that can come up while setting fixed IPs:

Scenario 1: 120 Machines on the Shelf

Requirement: Set fixed IPs in the order of mining machine placement.

If the mining machines automatically obtain IP addresses that conflict with the IP addresses you need to set, such as the machines automatically obtaining the range of 1-120, and you need to set the fixed IP range to 1-120, the software will show occupancy. To solve this problem, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the APMinerTool 1.05 software and click on the 设置固定IP option at the top left of the software.
  2. Click the “+” on the left side of the software, fill in the bulk fill range of 121-250 above the “+”, and enter the subnet mask, gateway, and DNS accordingly.
  3. Click the “+” on the left side of the software continuously to add the IP segment 1-120 that the miner has automatically obtained. Click 120 times. (If necessary, the added IP can be modified by double-clicking)
  4. Click “批量填充” at the top right of the software after adding.
  5. Click “配置矿机” at the top right of the software to fix the miner IP to between 121-250. (The purpose of the above operation is to prevent the IP from being occupied by the staggered settings of 1-120)
  6. After fixing the mining machine IP to 121-250 in batch, click on the left side of the software – No. to delete all the IPs on the original page.
  7. Click “开始监听” at the top right of the software.
  8. Press the IP key from the first mining machine on the shelf, then the software will pop up “当前检测到的IP为XXX,是否加入到设置队列中” click “确定” to add the machine to the setup queue.
  9. Press the miner IP key in the order of placement, and each one needs to wait for the pop-up “是否加入到设置队列中”, click “确定” before pressing the next miner, to avoid some miners skip and not join the setup queue.
  10. Fill in the Bulk Fill Range option with 1-120, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS accordingly.
  11. Click “批量填充” at the top right of the software.
  12. Click “配置矿机” at the top right of the software to fix the miner’s IP to 1-120 in order.

Scenario 2: No Conflict Between the IP Address Automatically Obtained by the Miner and the IP Address to be Set

If the DHCP range 121-250 has been set in the router, it will not be occupied when setting 1-120, so you can start the operation directly from steps 7-12.

Please note that while the tool is in Chinese, the tool will likely have similar menus and options if there is an English version available. Also, be aware that any changes to your network settings can affect connectivity and you should make sure you understand what you are changing before making any adjustments. If you’re unsure, consult with a network professional.