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Note: Please think over before detecting/killing. Pause during checking/killing viruses is not supported!

You can watch the video tutorial here.

Supported Models:

Brief Introduction to Function:

This antivirus software is used for miner management, setting fixed IP, upgrading firmware, and setting up. This version is specifically used for virus detection and antivirus.

Warm Prompt:

Detection and Antivirus Function Steps

  1. Select the IP range, select the miner, and click “Start Scan” to scan for the miner.
  2. Select the miner to detect for viruses and click “Firmware Detection”. The system will display 4 results: “Normal”, “Poisoned”, “Security Firmware”, “Not supported”.
    • Normal: The firmware is normal and virus-free.
    • Poisoned: Virus detected. The information of the infected file is displayed in error details.
    • Secure Firmware: The miner is equipped with secure firmware and the port 22/SSH function is closed.
    • Not supported: The miner type is not supported, SSH failed or authentication failed.
  3. Click “Firmware Antivirus”-“One-click download” to download the antivirus firmware for antivirus operations.
  4. After firmware download is completed, click “Continue Antivirus”.
  5. After antivirus is completed, the system will automatically prompt “Operation Completed” – “Antivirus Succeed”.
  6. The running status includes the following 4 results: “Kill Success”, “Kill Error”, “Not support”, “None”.

Note: If the firmware version of the miner is lower, the miner configuration may be lost after the firmware is upgraded. In this case, reconfigure the miner.