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One common scenario when dealing with technical issues related to your Bitmain miner is the need to provide a kernel log. A kernel log is a record of all significant events happening within the operating system. It can be a valuable tool in diagnosing and fixing issues. This brief tutorial will guide you on how to copy the kernel log into text form which you can then submit to D-Central support team.

Step 1: Access the System Log

To start, you will need to access the miner’s user interface. Once there, navigate to the ‘System’ tab which is typically located on the top menu. Once you’re in the System tab, locate and click on the ‘Log’ option.

Step 2: Copy the Log

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Log’, a box containing the kernel log information will appear. To copy the information, simply click anywhere in the box, then press ‘CTRL+A’ on your keyboard to select all the text. After the text has been selected, press ‘CTRL+C’ to copy the selected text.

Step 3: Paste the Log into a Document

Now that you’ve copied the log, open either a Microsoft Word or a Notepad document. Once you’ve opened the document, press ‘CTRL+V’ to paste the log.

Step 4: Save the Document

After pasting the log, save the document. Click ‘File’, then ‘Save As’ and select a location for your document. For easy access, it’s recommended to save the file on your desktop. Make sure to give the file a name that’s easily identifiable.

Step 5: Attach the Log to Your Support Ticket

Finally, when submitting a support ticket, fill in all the necessary fields, then attach your kernel log document. Click ‘Add file’, navigate to your desktop (or wherever you saved the log file), and select the file you’ve saved. The file will be attached to your support ticket, giving the D-Central support team valuable information to assist in solving your issue.

Remember, the kernel log can be a crucial element in diagnosing and resolving issues with your Bitmain miner, so ensuring you know how to capture and submit this information can save valuable troubleshooting time.