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Welcome to this troubleshooting guide on how to fix “Chain only find 0 ASIC” on Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro ASICs. This issue can be caused by various factors, including faulty wires, data cable issues, or voltage irregularities. The good news is that most of the issues causing this error can be resolved without the need for professional help. By following the step-by-step guide in this troubleshooting guide, you should be able to identify and fix the problem, allowing your Antminer S19j Pro ASIC to run smoothly and efficiently. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be cautious when working with electrical components.

Troubleshooting Steps to fix “Chain only find 0 ASIC” on Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro ASICs

  1. Look for error messages in the kernel logs: Look for “check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[1]: find 0 asic, times0” or “check_asic_number: Chain 1 only find 0 asic, will power off hash board 1” messages in the kernel logs.
  2. Check the wires: The first thing you should do is check the wires for the hashboard. Pull them out and re-plug them again. You can also try changing to new wires.
  3. Swap data cables of faulty hash board: Swap the faulty hash board’s data cable with the non-faulty hash board (adjust only one side of the hash board), and eliminate the problem of the hash board data cable and the control board. If the problem cannot be solved, the hashboard is broken, and the faulty Antminer S19j Pro hashboard can be replaced directly.
  4. Inspect the ASIC boards: Turn off the power supply to the Antminer S19j Pro and unplug all cables from the miner. Remove any expansion boards that are connected. Carefully open up the miner casing and locate the two ASIC boards. Unplug the cables connecting the ASIC boards to the power supply and remove them from the miner. Inspect each board for signs of wear and tear and damage, such as broken components or discolored areas on the PCBs. If any of these are present, fix the faulty area.
  5. Check voltage levels: Check whether the total domain voltage is normal. If it is abnormal, you need to use a fluke 15B+ multimeter to check whether the PIC voltage, DC circuit voltage, and boost circuit voltage are abnormal. If the domain voltage is normal, it is necessary to measure whether the RI signal voltage is normal. Select the RI signals of a group of domain chips for detection and do not need to detect them one by one. If the RI signal voltage is OK, we will check forward. If it is abnormal, we will check it backward. After finding the chip with abnormal RI signal voltage, re-solder it first. If it cannot be solved, replace the faulty BM1398 chip. (The direction of RI signal transmission is from the last chip to the first chip)
  6. Reassemble the ASIC boards: Plug the ASIC hashboards into the power supply and connect them to the Antminer S19j Pro. Connect all of the cables and power supplies that you disconnected before, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting them correctly.
  7. Power on the Antminer S19j Pro: Turn on the power supply and wait for the miner to boot up.
  8. Check if the issue persists: When the miner runs, check if the Chain Find 0 ASIC is still present. If it isn’t, you can assume that the problem has been fixed.

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We hope this troubleshooting guide has been helpful in fixing the “Chain only find 0 ASIC” issue on your Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro ASIC. Remember to always take necessary safety precautions when working with electrical components.

If you have followed all the above steps and still can’t fix the issue, it might be time to bring your faulty device to a professional ASIC repair center. At D-Central, our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any issues with your Antminer S19j Pro ASIC quickly and professionally. Contact us today to schedule a repair and get your Antminer S19j Pro ASIC running smoothly once again.