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NOTE: Ensure your miner is operating with the latest Bitmain official firmware

Problem: The hashrate shown on the miner status is normal but low hashrate shown in the pool.

Solution: Upgrade to the latest firmware:


How to reload or upgrade firmware >


Problem: High Rejected Rate

Solution: Upgrade to the latest firmware. If the problem persists, check whether the bandwidth is insufficient. You should also check whether the LAN switch device is functioning normally.

Problem: Asic Status Shows X

Solution: Replace with a good known PSU for testing. Please use Bitmain PSU, we recommend APW7.


Problem: Frequency is Lower Than Normal

Solution: The Z11 is an auto-frequency miner and the frequency should be above 700. If you encounter a lower frequency, please reset the miner and return it to the factory setting. Wait for about 20 minutes.