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The status of your ANTMINER can be easily determined by observing the signal lights on the miner. There are several lights on the miner, and their meanings are as follows:

The lights’ status may change during the server startup process. Here’s a rundown, using the ANTMINER 17 series as an example:

  1. When the machine is powered on, both the fault and normal lights illuminate simultaneously. This means that the machine is starting to initialize.
  2. Once initialization is complete, the fault light flashes while the normal light goes out. The machine then starts to connect to the mining pool.
  3. After successfully connecting to the mining pool, the fault light goes out, the normal light starts to flash, and the hashrate is reported.

Find a Specific Miner by Indicator Lights (15/17 series)

  1. Log in to the miner’s user interface and click System → Locate.
  2. Click “Start Blink”. Both the fault and normal lights on the server will flash simultaneously for 300 seconds.
  3. After 300 seconds or once you click the “Stop Blink” button, both the fault and normal lights will resume normal operation.

Start Blink

19 Series Server Search Instructions

  1. Log in to the miner’s user interface.
  2. Open the “Locate Miner” function in the upper left corner (it will be green). Both the fault and normal lights will start to flash.
  3. Once you close the “Locate Miner” function (it will be grey), the miner positioning will stop.

Locate Miner

Indicator Light Interpretation During Server Operation

Fault Light (Red) Normal Light (Green) Working Conditions
Extinguish Flashing Normal
Flashing Extinguish Fault 1
Long Light Extinguish Fault 2
Extinguish Long Light Fault 3
Extinguish Flashing Fault 4
Flashing Flashing Fault 5


ETH Port Light

Understanding these light signals will help you keep your miner in the best condition and quickly diagnose any potential issues.