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Optimizing Antminer 17 Series with Heatsink Upgrades

The Antminer 17 series, including the Antminer T17, S17, T17+, S17+ and S17 Pro, have made a name for themselves as popular and powerful ASIC miners for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to their 7nm BM1397 mining chips, they boast a high hashrate and remarkable efficiency. However, these miners also face common issues, such as […]

Delaminated Chips in Antminer 17 Series: Causes and Solutions

Delaminated chips have become a widespread concern for Antminer 17 Series users, particularly those employing BM1397 chips in their Bitcoin mining operations. Delamination arises when the bond between the tin-copper alloy and the metal substrate weakens and separates, often due to electrostatic field build-up. This separation can trigger various performance issues, including thermal runaway, circuit […]