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Optimizing Antminer 17 Series with Heatsink Upgrades

The Antminer 17 series, including the Antminer T17, S17, T17+, S17+ and S17 Pro, have made a name for themselves as popular and powerful ASIC miners for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to their 7nm BM1397 mining chips, they boast a high hashrate and remarkable efficiency. However, these miners also face common issues, such as […]

Optimize Performance with an Antminer S19 Custom Firmware Upgrade

The Antminer S19 is quickly becoming the go-to choice for miners looking to maximize efficiency without having to deal with complex configurations. This device offers a great combination of power and performance, making it an ideal option for those seeking maximum returns on their investments. The Antminer S19 also has the added advantage of being […]

Upgrading your Antminer hashboard: When repair is not an option

Make the most of your x17 Antminer with a heatsink upgrade. By swapping out old hashboards and adding upgraded heatsinks, you can dramatically enhance performance and lifespan and save money. Just remember to do some research first so that all necessary tools & instructions are ready for a hassle-free install. Upgrading an Antminer hashboard is […]

Unveiling the Benefits of Antminer T17+

The Antminer T17+ is a powerful and efficient mining machine. This model stands out from the other popular miners on the market due to its low power consumption and excellent performance. Additionally, it features an upgraded heatsink version that eliminates the possibility of overheating or burning chipsets, making it one of the most reliable miners […]

Antminer S19 Firmware: How to Upgrade and Install

Antminer S19 is one of the most powerful ASIC miners on the market, and it’s designed for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, to get the best performance out of your S19, it’s important to upgrade and install the firmware regularly. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of upgrading and installing […]