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The importance of engineered scarcity

Engineered scarcity is a way of creating artificial value and utility, often through technology, that enables people to store their wealth in something that maintains purchasing power over time. It’s an important concept, now more than ever, because of the advances being made in robotics and AI, which have the potential to create a world […]

The Modern-Day Alchemists: Bitcoin Miners and AI Renderers

Bitcoin mining and AI rendering have grown in popularity over the past decade as more people realize their potential to turn data into value. Bitcoin miners use specialized computers called “mining rigs” to solve “complex” mathematical problems and protect their decentralized network. At the same time, AI renderers utilize computer programs and algorithms to create […]

What would happen if Satoshi Nakamoto decided to sell all his Bitcoin?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Bitcoin is its anonymity. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, is believed to be a pseudonym and very little is known about the individual or individuals behind this name. This has led to speculation about what would happen if Satoshi Nakamoto decided to sell all of his or […]

Antminer T17 Review: Is it Worth Your Investment?

The Antminer T17 is a Bitcoin mining machine developed by Bitmain, one of the largest manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment. The machine was released in April 2019 and has quickly become popular among cryptocurrency miners. In this review, we will discuss the features of the Antminer T17 and whether it is worth investing in. Hash […]

A Story About Bitcoin and Party Hats

In RuneScape, Party Hats have long been seen as valuable and rare items. They are limited in supply, similar to Bitcoin, which has risen in popularity due to its finite number. As more users become interested in RuneScape’s Party Hats and Bitcoin, the value of these items rises over time. Both Party Hats and Bitcoin […]

How Bitcoin’s Halving Has Affected The Industry

When the bitcoin was originated, it was set on a network that allows all members of the network equal power and utilizes the same currency no matter where they are located. Upon the development of this digital currency was the intent of halving the bitcoin on four-year intervals. The reasoning behind the halving is to […]

The Rise of ASIC Commoditization

Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies and, more specifically, Bitcoin, the industry has gained tremendous growth and attention, with many academics and experts believing that Bitcoin is the next big thing. The growth of cryptocurrency can be evidenced by the idea that it is coordinated based on trust through the facilitation of value transfers without relying […]

Is Bitcoin Backed by Something?

One of the debates surrounding Bitcoin today is whether it is backed by something. Some people are skeptical about purchasing Bitcoin, basing their claims on a lack of backing. Since there is nothing physical about Bitcoin, the assumption is that the cryptocurrency is not backed by anything, and therefore a bubble that will burst. This […]

Why Do Bitcoin Prices Fluctuate So Much?

There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to diversify their investments. One of the ways to do this is to target something called cryptocurrency. This is a virtual currency that exists in the digital world. It operates using a decentralized, distributed network that translates virtual currency into real value. By far, […]

Why Does Bitcoin Work?

During the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the way people handle virtual currency. Cryptocurrency has grown by leaps and bounds and has given rise to one of the most popular forms of virtual currency in the world, which is called Bitcoin. While some people might have only heard […]

Who decides the value of bitcoins

Every coin has its value. Even if it’s not US Dollars, gold or some other precious metal, a coin holds value. Where is the value of Bitcoin? Just like the precious metals, there are a lot of ways to determine the value of a coin. The most popular way is based on the historical price […]

Why Entering Bitcoin Mining Now Matters So Much

Bitcoin has come a long way from its initial start as a coding project created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the initial launch, the electronic currency has shaken up economic market around the world with its unique and non-governmental value as well as distribution into economies big and small. By 2019, this new currency has evolved […]

How much energy does bitcoin really use

Many of us have heard of the concept of Bitcoin and how this particular virtual currency is predicted to become the next big thing. So, how much energy does a Bitcoin transaction use? One first distinction to start with is that there is no correlation between transactions and energy usage. That number is often brought […]

Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value based on the cost of mining

In principle, the price of Bitcoin determines the cost of mining, not the other way around. There is no intrinsic value based on the cost of electricity for the mine. Very only, people mine Bitcoin if it is profitable. Those whose electricity prices are too high will give up. Mining tracks the price in bitcoins, […]

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?

In recent years, Bitcoin has gained significant popularity, sparking curiosity and raising questions among people around the world. As an innovative digital asset, it has piqued the interest of investors, technologists, and the general public alike. Many people often wonder about the value of Bitcoin and how it compares to traditional paper money. They question […]