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The Piaxe: One ASIC, One Vote

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The landscape of Bitcoin mining has undergone a remarkable transformation since the inception of this groundbreaking digital currency in 2009. Initially, mining was an activity accessible to enthusiasts with ordinary computers, embodying the decentralized ethos Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned. This vision, often summarized as “one CPU, one vote,” highlighted a democratic approach to securing the network, where each participant had an equal say in the validation process. However, as Bitcoin gained popularity and value, the mining competition intensified, leading to the advent of specialized hardware designed to mine Bitcoin more efficiently.

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, or ASIC miners, emerged as the pinnacle of this evolution. These devices, built specifically for mining Bitcoin, significantly outperformed earlier methods, such as CPU and GPU mining, in both speed and efficiency. The shift towards ASIC mining brought about unparalleled improvements in hash rates and energy efficiency, but it also raised concerns about centralization. The high cost and technical barriers associated with ASIC mining meant that only those with significant resources could compete effectively, moving away from Nakamoto’s original vision of widespread participation in the network’s security.

Enter The Piaxe: a revolutionary open-source ASIC Bitcoin miner that promises to redefine the mining landscape once again. The Piaxe stands out as a beacon of accessibility and efficiency, designed to democratize Bitcoin mining by making it feasible for individuals, or “plebs,” to participate in securing the network. By offering an open-source, user-friendly solution, The Piaxe aims to lower the barriers to entry that have gradually risen around Bitcoin mining, inviting a broader spectrum of enthusiasts to contribute to the network’s decentralization. This innovative approach not only aligns with Satoshi’s original vision but also addresses the contemporary challenges faced by the Bitcoin community, making The Piaxe a game-changer in the truest sense. Through The Piaxe, the spirit of “one CPU, one vote” is reborn, adapted for the modern era as “one ASIC, one vote,” ensuring that Bitcoin remains a secure and decentralized digital currency for all.

The Piaxe: Bridging the Gap in Bitcoin Mining

As Bitcoin mining evolved into a landscape dominated by industrial-scale operations, the dream of a decentralized network where any individual could contribute to the mining process began to fade. This shift towards centralization, primarily driven by the high cost and technical complexity of ASIC mining rigs, posed a significant challenge to the core principles of Bitcoin. The centralization of mining power in the hands of a few large players is not only not a part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision but also raises concerns about network security, censorship resistance, and the equitable distribution of mining rewards.

The Challenge of Centralization in Bitcoin Mining

The centralization of Bitcoin mining has become one of the most pressing issues within the cryptocurrency community. Large mining farms and pools, equipped with vast arrays of powerful ASIC miners, have significantly higher chances of solving the cryptographic puzzles required to add new blocks to the blockchain. This concentration of mining power threatens the democratic and decentralized nature of Bitcoin, potentially allowing major miners to collude, influencing decisions that should be made by the community as a whole.

The Piaxe’s Solution

The Piaxe emerges as a groundbreaking solution to the centralization challenge in Bitcoin mining, drawing inspiration from its predecessor, the Bitaxe project, to make mining accessible and viable for individual enthusiasts once again. By embracing the principles of open-source development, The Piaxe stands as a beacon of hope for those eager to contribute to securing the Bitcoin network, yet deterred by the prohibitive costs and complexities associated with traditional ASIC mining.

The lineage from the Bitaxe project imbues The Piaxe with a rich heritage of open-source innovation. By making the design and software of The Piaxe publicly accessible, the initiative extends an invitation for collaboration, innovation, and ongoing enhancement from the global community. This open-source ethos not only cultivates transparency and trust but also galvanizes a collective endeavor to refine The Piaxe miners’ efficiency and effectiveness. Rooted in the legacy of Bitaxe, The Piaxe evolves in sync with the needs and insights of its user base, ensuring its enduring relevance and utility in the dynamic realm of Bitcoin mining.

The Piaxe also sets itself apart with its user-friendly design, a feature that democratizes Bitcoin mining and extends its reach beyond the domain of seasoned miners. Unlike the often complex and intimidating traditional ASIC miners, The Piaxe is crafted for simplicity and accessibility. While still in development, the very element of The Piaxe is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that newcomers to Bitcoin mining can embark on their mining journey without encountering a steep learning curve. This approachable design philosophy, informed by the Bitaxe project’s foundational goals, democratizes mining and enhances the network’s security and decentralization.

Inheriting the spirit and innovation of the Bitaxe project, The Piaxe stands as a transformative force in Bitcoin mining, squarely addressing the issue of centralization by empowering individual miners. Through its open-source foundation, commitment to efficiency, and emphasis on user accessibility, The Piaxe not only narrows the divide between amateur and professional miners but also rekindles the foundational ethos of Bitcoin. By facilitating the operation of personal full mining and archival nodes, The Piaxe secures its place as a pivotal instrument in safeguarding the future of Bitcoin as a decentralized and democratic digital currency.

Technical Excellence of The Piaxe

The Piaxe heralds a new era in Bitcoin mining technology, embodying a fusion of open-source innovation, technical excellence, and a commitment to the core values of efficiency, accessibility, and community-driven development. This advanced mining solution represents a significant stride towards democratizing Bitcoin mining, powered by the same BM1366 ASIC chip found in the Antminer S19 XP and the Bitaxe Ultra.

Engineered to deliver optimal performance, The Piaxe leverages the BM1366 ASIC chips, renowned for their exceptional balance between high hashrates and low power consumption. This choice ensures that The Piaxe operates with unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making it a formidable tool for miners dedicated to the SHA-256 hashing algorithm.

The design philosophy of The Piaxe is rooted in three fundamental principles: openness, efficiency, and user empowerment. Its open-source framework not only invites collaboration and innovation from across the global community but also ensures that The Piaxe remains at the forefront of mining technology, responsive to the evolving needs of its users.

The Piaxe’s commitment to open-source principles extends beyond its design; it’s a declaration of the future of Bitcoin mining. By making The Piaxe’s hardware specifications and software publicly accessible, the project cultivates an ecosystem of transparency, trust, and collective advancement. This approach not only drives innovation but also fosters a sense of inclusivity and trust within the Bitcoin mining community, distinguishing The Piaxe as a beacon of transparency and a champion of the network’s decentralization and health.

In embracing the BM1366 ASIC chip and building upon the legacy of the Bitaxe project, The Piaxe stands as a testament to the power of community, innovation, and the shared goal of securing Bitcoin’s future. It underscores the importance of open-source hardware in promoting trust, collaboration, and the democratization of Bitcoin mining, embodying the very essence of decentralization and democratization that lies at the heart of the cryptocurrency movement.

The Piaxe’s Role in Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining

The centralization of Bitcoin mining has been a growing concern within the Bitcoin community, with significant hashing power concentrated in the hands of a few large mining pools and operations. This centralization poses risks to the network’s security, potentially undermining the decentralized ethos upon which Bitcoin was founded. The Piaxe emerges as a pivotal solution in this context, aiming to democratize Bitcoin mining by enabling more individuals to participate in the process, thereby contributing to the network’s security and decentralization.

Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining

The Piaxe plays a crucial role in decentralizing Bitcoin mining by lowering the barriers to entry that have historically sidelined individual miners. Its design and open-source nature make it accessible and adaptable, allowing users with varying levels of technical expertise to engage in mining activities. By providing a more affordable and efficient mining solution, The Piaxe enables a broader segment of the Bitcoin community to partake in the mining process, thus distributing the network’s hashing power more evenly across its participants.

This democratization is not just about making mining accessible; it’s about empowering individuals to contribute directly to the security and integrity of the Bitcoin network. Each new miner that joins the network with The Piaxe adds to the overall hashing power, making it more resilient against attacks and ensuring that no single entity can gain control over the majority of the network’s mining power.

Importance of Running a Full Mining and Archival Node

Running a full mining and archival node goes beyond the act of mining itself; it’s about supporting the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Full nodes enforce the consensus rules of the Bitcoin network, validate transactions and blocks, and serve as the ultimate arbiters of truth within the ecosystem. By running a full node, miners not only contribute to the network’s hashing power but also play a critical role in maintaining its health and resilience.

The Piaxe facilitates this by enabling individuals to run their own full mining and archival nodes, thus participating in the validation process and storing a complete copy of the blockchain. This contributes to the network’s decentralization by increasing the number of nodes that independently verify and add transactions and blocks, making the network more robust against attempts to alter transaction history or implement unauthorized changes to the protocol.

Moreover, running a full node with The Piaxe enhances the miner’s sovereignty and privacy. Miners can independently verify the entire blockchain and do not need to rely on external parties for transaction validation, giving them greater control over their mining operations and the security of their assets.

The Piaxe’s introduction into the Bitcoin mining ecosystem marks a significant step towards reclaiming the decentralized vision of Bitcoin. By democratizing access to mining and encouraging the operation of full mining and archival nodes, The Piaxe empowers individuals to actively participate in and contribute to the security and resilience of the Bitcoin network. This shift towards greater decentralization not only aligns with Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision but also strengthens the network against centralization pressures, ensuring that Bitcoin remains a secure, open, and decentralized digital currency for future generations.

The Transformative Impact of The Piaxe

In the evolving landscape of Bitcoin mining, The Piaxe stands as a beacon of innovation and accessibility, challenging and reshaping long-held perceptions about who can participate in the mining process. Traditionally dominated by large-scale operations with significant resources, the mining sector has often seemed out of reach for individual enthusiasts and small-scale miners. However, The Piaxe is changing the game, democratizing Bitcoin mining by making it accessible, efficient, and viable for a broader audience. This transformation is not just technical; it’s cultural, influencing how the community views participation in securing the Bitcoin network.

Changing Perceptions About Bitcoin Mining

The introduction of The Piaxe into the market is challenging the notion that effective Bitcoin mining is exclusive to those with substantial financial and technical resources. By offering an open-source, user-friendly, and efficient mining solution, The Piaxe is proving that individual miners can still play a crucial role in the network’s security and decentralization. This shift is significant, as it aligns closely with the original ethos of Bitcoin, promoting a more inclusive and democratic approach to mining.

The Piaxe’s impact extends beyond just the technical aspects of mining; it’s fostering a sense of empowerment and belonging among individuals who previously felt sidelined in the mining community. By lowering the barriers to entry, The Piaxe is inviting a new wave of participants to engage with Bitcoin at a fundamental level, contributing to the network’s strength and resilience through distributed consensus.

The Piaxe is more than just a piece of mining hardware; it’s a catalyst for change in the Bitcoin mining community. By changing perceptions about who can be a Bitcoin miner and providing real-world examples of successful deployment, The Piaxe is breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive, decentralized mining landscape. Its transformative impact lies not only in the technology it provides but also in the empowerment it offers to individuals and small-scale miners around the world, reinforcing the foundational principles upon which Bitcoin was built.

Why Every Bitcoin Enthusiast Should Consider The Piaxe

More than just a mining apparatus, The Piaxe bestows strategic advantages by empowering users to operate their own full mining and archival nodes. This capability transcends mere technical achievement; it represents a vital contribution to the health, resilience, and foundational ethos of the Bitcoin network.

Advantages of Running Your Own Full Mining and Archival Node with The Piaxe

The Piaxe, by enabling individuals to operate their own full mining and archival nodes, not only empowers users within the Bitcoin ecosystem but also significantly contributes to the network’s overarching goals of decentralization, security, and resilience. Here are the key advantages of embracing this powerful tool:

1. Enhanced Network Security and Integrity

The autonomy provided by running a full mining and archival node with The Piaxe strengthens the Bitcoin network’s security and integrity. Independent verification of transactions and blocks ensures that the network is not overly reliant on third-party nodes, which could be vulnerable to malicious attacks or compromises. Each node acts as a vigilant guardian of the blockchain, meticulously upholding the network’s protocols and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of transaction processing.

2. Contribution to Network Decentralization

Decentralization is the cornerstone upon which Bitcoin’s architecture is built, designed to ensure that the network remains impervious to control by any single entity. By operating a full node with The Piaxe, users significantly contribute to the network’s decentralized fabric. This is essential for resisting censorship, preventing single points of failure, and maintaining the democratic principles that are foundational to Bitcoin’s philosophy.

3. Increased Privacy and Sovereignty

In an era where digital privacy is increasingly under threat, running your own full node with The Piaxe offers a bastion of privacy and sovereignty. By mining directly through your node, you bypass third-party pools and external nodes, eliminating the risk of surveillance and data collection by intermediaries. This level of autonomy allows users to independently verify the blockchain’s history and enforce its consensus rules, ensuring a higher degree of control and security over their mining operations and transactions.

4. Support for the Network’s Health

The health and efficiency of the Bitcoin network are critically dependent on the robust participation of full nodes. These nodes are essential for the effective propagation of transactions and blocks, facilitating swift validation and integration into the blockchain. By choosing to run a full mining and archival node with The Piaxe, users play a direct role in enhancing the network’s performance and reliability, especially as it continues to scale and accommodate increasing transaction volumes.

Embracing Decentralization’s Core Advantages

The decentralization achieved through the widespread adoption of full nodes, as facilitated by The Piaxe, brings forth the paramount benefits of censorship resistance and trust in adversity. In a decentralized network, the power to validate and record transactions is distributed among many participants, ensuring that no single point of control can dictate the truth of the blockchain or censor transactions. This distribution of power fosters a trustless environment where transactions and blocks are verified through consensus, rather than trust in a central authority. The Piaxe, by empowering more individuals to run their own nodes, reinforces these critical advantages, safeguarding the Bitcoin network against centralization and ensuring its continued resilience and integrity.

The Role of Individual Miners in Fortifying Bitcoin’s Decentralization and Security

Individual miners, particularly those leveraging The Piaxe to run full mining and archival nodes, play a crucial role in reinforcing the Bitcoin network. Their involvement in the mining process contributes to the network’s hashrate, a fundamental aspect of Bitcoin’s security model designed to thwart double-spending attacks and preserve the blockchain’s immutability.

Furthermore, individual miners are instrumental in enhancing the network’s decentralization. The dispersion of mining power across a wide array of participants fortifies the network against centralization and chokepoint attempts, safeguarding Bitcoin’s governance and its resistance to censorship.

Embracing the Original Vision of Bitcoin Mining

It’s essential to recognize that The Piaxe, much like the Bitaxe project it draws inspiration from, is not primarily a profit-driven device. While it is capable of accumulating satoshis through pool mining, the core objective lies in embodying the original vision of Bitcoin: to run your own node, manage your own “pool,” and conduct your own mining operations, directly connected to your pool and node. Don’t trust, verify is at the heart of what The Piaxe aims to achieve.

The quintessence of Bitcoin mining, as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, is solo mining. The Piaxe revitalizes this original vision, offering Bitcoin enthusiasts a means to not just mine but to actively participate in and safeguard the legacy of Bitcoin. By running your own full mining and archival node with The Piaxe, you gain a strategic advantage, empowering you to directly contribute to the Bitcoin network’s vitality and resilience. In this way, individual miners play an indispensable role in maintaining the network’s integrity, ensuring its strength and continuity for generations to come.

The Piaxe is a vehicle for participation and preservation within the Bitcoin ecosystem, inviting enthusiasts to uphold and strengthen the unique principles that make Bitcoin truly revolutionary.

Supporting The Piaxe Ecosystem

The Piaxe ecosystem is at the forefront of a mining revolution, offering a fresh, community-driven approach to Bitcoin mining that prioritizes accessibility, efficiency, and innovation. At the heart of this movement are the trailblazers of Open Source Miners United, a collective committed to the advancement of open-source hardware and software in the mining sphere. Their dedication to transparency, collaboration, and empowerment is instrumental in fortifying The Piaxe as a tool that not only benefits individual miners but also bolsters the entire Bitcoin network.

Dive Into The Piaxe Community and Open Source Miners United

  1. Connect on Forums Join the vibrant discussions happening on Open Source Miners United. This channel is bustling with ideas, shared experiences, and visions for the future of open-source mining. Your participation means tapping into a reservoir of knowledge and uniting with peers who share your passion for a decentralized mining future.
  2. Enhance Through Open-Source Contribution The spirit of The Piaxe and Open Source Miners United is deeply entrenched in the open-source philosophy. Dive into the Piaxe GitHub repository to contribute to its development. Whether you’re refining code, enhancing features, or crafting documentation, your input is a valuable asset to the ecosystem’s growth and innovation.

Resources for Continuous Engagement and Growth

  1. Expert Knowledge and Community Support The Piaxe ecosystem and Open Source Miners United are your gateways to extensive knowledge, offering support through documentation, forums, and direct communication channels. Whether you’re troubleshooting your Piaxe miner or seeking optimization tips, the community is here to guide you.
  2. Fuel Innovation Within the Community The Piaxe thrives on the innovation driven by its community. There are ample opportunities for you to initiate or join projects that challenge the status quo in Bitcoin mining. Your active involvement is the key to ongoing improvement and the collective success of our ecosystem.

By joining The Piaxe ecosystem and Open Source Miners United, you’re not just participating in a community; you’re stepping into a role that could shape the future of Bitcoin mining. Your contributions, whether through engagement, development, or collaboration, are crucial to maintaining mining’s accessibility, efficiency, and decentralization. Together, we can carry forward the foundational principles of Bitcoin into a new era of mining. Join us, and let’s build this future together.


The journey through the capabilities, philosophy, and community surrounding The Piaxe reveals a transformative tool in the landscape of Bitcoin mining. The Piaxe stands not just as a piece of mining hardware but as a beacon of innovation, accessibility, and empowerment for individuals within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Its key benefits—open-source nature, efficiency, user-friendliness, and the ability to run full mining and archival nodes—underscore its importance in promoting a more decentralized, secure, and inclusive mining environment.

The Piaxe’s alignment with the ethos of “one node, one vote” and its modern iteration, “one ASIC, one vote,” revives and reinforces Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin. By democratizing mining and making it accessible to a broader audience, The Piaxe plays a crucial role in distributing the network’s hashing power. This distribution not only enhances the security and resilience of the Bitcoin network but also ensures that its future remains in the hands of its users, rather than centralized entities.

The Piaxe offers a path toward personal and network-wide empowerment. It represents an opportunity for enthusiasts, developers, and miners to actively participate in the Bitcoin network, contributing to its security, decentralization, and overall health. The Piaxe ecosystem, supported by the innovative minds at Open Source Miners United, provides a platform for collaboration, learning, and growth, inviting all members of the Bitcoin community to contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of mining technology.

We encourage readers to explore The Piaxe further and consider its potential not just for personal mining endeavors but as a contribution to the broader Bitcoin network. By embracing The Piaxe, you take a step toward running your own Bitcoin full mining and archival node, embodying the principles of decentralization and participation that are foundational to Bitcoin.

Join the vibrant community behind The Piaxe and Open Source Miners United. Engage in discussions, share your experiences, and collaborate on projects that drive forward the mission of accessible and decentralized mining. Together, we can ensure that the Bitcoin network remains robust, secure, and true to its roots.

The Piaxe is a commitment to the ideals of Bitcoin. By supporting The Piaxe, you’re not just mining for rewards; you’re voting for a decentralized future, one block at a time. Explore The Piaxe, join the community, and become part of the movement towards one node, one vote, one ASIC, one vote. Together, we can shape the future of Bitcoin mining and ensure that the network remains by the people, for the people.


What is The Piaxe?

The Piaxe is a revolutionary open-source ASIC Bitcoin miner, designed to democratize Bitcoin mining by making it accessible and feasible for individuals, thereby contributing to the network’s security and decentralization. It embodies a modern adaptation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of “one CPU, one vote” as “one ASIC, one vote.”

How does The Piaxe address Bitcoin mining centralization?

The Piaxe aims to decentralize Bitcoin mining by lowering barriers to entry that have been established around Bitcoin mining. It offers an open-source, user-friendly solution, enabling a broader audience to participate in the mining process, which in turn helps distribute the network’s hashing power more evenly.

Why is running a full mining and archival node important?

Running a full mining and archival node is crucial because it supports the backbone of the Bitcoin network, enforcing consensus rules, validating transactions and blocks, and serving as the ultimate arbiters of truth within the ecosystem. It contributes to the network’s decentralization, security, and resilience.

What makes The Piaxe different from traditional ASIC miners?

The Piaxe stands out due to its open-source nature, efficiency, and user-centric design, promoting simplicity and accessibility. Its use of the BM1366 ASIC chip ensures optimal performance. The Piaxe embodies the ethos of collaborative development and community engagement, unlike proprietary and often inaccessible traditional ASIC miners.

How can individuals contribute to The Piaxe ecosystem?

Individuals can contribute to The Piaxe ecosystem by participating in Open Source Miners United forums, engaging in discussions, contributing to the Piaxe GitHub repository, and collaborating on projects to drive the future of open-source mining. Active involvement fuels continuous improvement and innovation within the community.

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