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Home Mining – Why Solar Homes Should Consider It

Mining for bitcoin can be a great way to help secure the network and earn some extra money. But it’s not as easy as just plugging in your computer and starting to mine. You need to have the right setup, including solar power, to make it worth your while. With

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How to Repurpose Excess Bitcoin Miner Heat

Bitcoin relies on miners to produce new units of the currency and while this process is essential for maintaining the Bitcoin network, it also produces a lot of heat! In fact, a single Bitcoin miner can generate enough heat to warm an entire room. This heat is produced by the

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Bitcoin’s energy consumption is not a problem

The Bitcoin energy debate continues, seemingly without an end. Given the inability to apply the same scrutiny to other seemingly wasteful applications that consume similar amounts of energy, Bitcoiners are rightly frustrated. The debate doesn’t come down to the details of mining but the social merit of non-state currency. False Narrative

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