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UV Curing Solder Mask Ink

UV Curing Solder Mask Ink


Step up your PCB repair and insulation game with D-Central’s UV Curing Solder Mask Ink, an innovative solution specially crafted to protect and insulate electronic components. This industry-grade PCB protective ink is an indispensable tool for anyone dealing with Printed Circuit Boards, from the smallest hobbyist to the most extensive professional manufacturer.

This UV light curing oil, also known as BCP curing oil, is designed for the ultimate protection and insulation of electronic components post-welding. Its high-performance composition makes it a perfect repair solution for circuit boards, safeguarding your components against any damages.

Whether you’re tackling small batch PCB production, repairing precision circuit boards, or dealing with the peeling or partial damage of the solder mask of various PCB circuit boards, D-Central’s UV Curing Solder Mask Ink offers a dependable solution. It excels in insulating flying leads and effectively protects the circuit layer surface, transforming your PCB repairs into a seamless process.

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Utilization is straightforward and easy. Repairing a broken PCB circuit? Simply weld the flying lead using enameled wire, apply a layer of our UV Curing Solder Mask Ink, and leave it to cure. With just a thin application, you’ll notice the lead is fixed securely, providing a robust insulating effect!

Quick tip: this product is highly sensitive to UV rays. With UV irradiation, you can expect a fast curing time of about 5-10 seconds, or at room temperature, it will naturally cure in about 2-3 hours. You can even continue working with the Hash board after applying the curing oil. There’s no need to wait until it’s dry; let it cure naturally during your work.

Protect your PCBs with D-Central’s UV Curing Solder Mask Ink – your ultimate solution for reliable electronic component insulation and protection. Boost the longevity of your devices and keep your circuit boards in optimum condition with this must-have repair and protection tool.

Remember to store D-Central’s UV Curing Solder Mask Ink carefully away from UV light when not in use. With its UV sensitivity and high-performance properties, it’s a tool that rewards careful handling and use.

Please note: Always read the instructions before use and ensure you are wearing suitable protective clothing and eyewear when handling this product.

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