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Please note that while the firmware has undergone rigorous testing prior to release, testing cannot simulate all mining environments. Hence, it is advisable to upgrade the firmware in small batches (like 10-30 units) and run them for at least 24 hours to confirm that there are no issues before proceeding with a full-scale upgrade.

Here are the firmware updates for the following miner models:

Z11, Z11J, Z11E

Firmware enhancements include an updated equihash checksum algorithm, enhanced firmware anti-virus capability, and fixed firmware decompression vulnerability. The firmware can be downloaded here.

S17+, T17+

The firmware has been updated, compiled, and tested for these models as well. You can download it here.

S17Pro, S17

The new firmware for these models includes enhanced anti-virus capability, sleep mode, optimized temperature sensing, a new security firmware packaging policy, and removal of voltage calibration process. After the upgrade, if you kept the configuration, you won’t need to reconfigure anything; if not, you’ll have to set up the miner and the mining pool again. The firmware can be downloaded here.


The new firmware version fixes power fluctuation issues, enhances anti-virus capability, adds blacklist filtering function, anti-downgrade function, and fixes the vulnerability of unpacking in the upgrade function. Download it here.


The updated firmware optimizes temperature issues, voltage increase issues, temperature detection cycles, and more. It also enhances anti-virus capability and uses a new secure firmware packaging policy. You can download the firmware here.


The new firmware enables HashRate Unchanged-Lower Voltage gears, enhances anti-virus capability, provides multi-stage mining firmware, and turns off the SSH function. Overclocking gears might damage the miner, so ensure the miner is in good working condition and power supply is sufficient before overclocking. The firmware can be downloaded here.


The updated firmware optimizes the accuracy of temperature sensing data collection, enhances upgrade reliability and anti-virus capability, and uses a new security firmware packaging policy. The firmware can be downloaded here.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us for assistance.