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In cryptocurrency’s vast and evolving landscape, Bitcoin mining remains a constant, robust pillar. Generating new bitcoins and validating bitcoin transactions is complex, requiring powerful, efficient hardware. Enter Antminer S19, one of the leading devices in this realm and a critical component for anyone seriously involved in Bitcoin mining.

Whether you’re a seasoned miner looking for an equipment upgrade or a novice entering the Bitcoin mining world, this guide is tailored to help you make the most informed decision. As we navigate the ins and outs of sourcing your Antminer S19, we’ll explore options that include not only global giants like Amazon and Bitmain but also specialized providers like D-Central Technologies Inc. and reputable brokers in the field. Buckle up and let’s delve into the exciting world of Bitcoin mining!

Explanation of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a fundamental process that keeps the Bitcoin network functional, secure, and trustworthy. It involves verifying and adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions, known as the blockchain. In a nutshell, Bitcoin miners collect recent Bitcoin transactions into blocks, verify the legitimacy of these transactions, and try to solve complex mathematical puzzles.

The mining process is crucial for two primary reasons. First, it confirms the transactions and prevents double-spending, ensuring the overall trustworthiness of the network. Second, it creates new bitcoins, contributing to the distribution and circulation of this digital currency.

Now, how does a miner do all of this? This is where specialized hardware, known as ASIC miners, emerges. ASIC stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, designed for a specific use, as opposed to being intended for general-purpose use. ASIC miners are created explicitly to mine bitcoins and are the most efficient hardware to do this job.

Among ASIC miners, the Antminer S19 stands out as a high-performance choice. Manufactured by Bitmain, one of the most reputable companies in the crypto mining hardware industry, the Antminer S19 series is designed for efficiency and productivity. They’re known for their superior hash rate, the number of calculations that a piece of hardware can guess the solution to a complex mathematical puzzle in a second.

To sum up, Bitcoin mining is an essential process in the Bitcoin network, and devices like Antminer S19 are crucial for anyone involved in this process, whether they’re a beginner miner or a mining veteran. These machines optimize the mining process and provide an edge in the increasingly competitive Bitcoin mining world. The following sections will dive deeper into where you can buy the Antminer S19 and how to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Detailed Overview of Antminer S19

When it comes to Bitcoin mining hardware, the Antminer S19 series stands out as a top-notch choice due to its high-performance features and remarkable efficiency. Let’s break down the technical details of this mining powerhouse and highlight why it’s a game-changer in the mining industry.

The Antminer S19 comes in two variants: the S19 standard and the S19 Pro. The standard S19 model boasts a hash rate of 95 TH/s (Terahashes per second), while the S19 Pro model takes it up a notch with an impressive hash rate of 110 TH/s. These figures represent the number of calculations the hardware can perform every second when trying to crack the mathematical problem that allows them to add a block to the blockchain, and thus, mine Bitcoin.

Apart from their stellar hash rates, both models are highly power-efficient. The standard S19 has a power efficiency of 34.5±%5 J/TH, while the S19 Pro showcases a power efficiency of 29.5±%5 J/TH. The lower the J/TH, the more efficient the miner is, as it denotes less power consumed for each terahash computed.

Other essential features include their dual tube heat dissipation technology, which helps maintain the longevity and stability of the miners. They are designed with a new generation custom-built chip from Bitmain, ensuring optimum performance.

Compared with other Bitcoin mining hardware, the Antminer S19 series generally comes out on top due to these superior technical specifications. For instance, the Antminer S17 series, also from Bitmain, provides a hash rate of 53-64 TH/s and a power efficiency of around 45 J/TH for the S17 Pro model, which performs significantly less than the S19 series.

The Antminer S19’s advanced specifications and exceptional efficiency make it a preferable choice for Bitcoin mining. Its high hash rate and power efficiency are perfect for maximizing their mining output. Whether you’re setting up a large-scale mining operation or a smaller home setup, the Antminer S19 can prove to be a worthy investment.

Buying Antminer S19 from D-Central Technologies

When purchasing an Antminer S19, consider D-Central Technologies as your first port of call. We’re not just a provider of new and refurbished mining equipment; we’re also a full-service company dedicated to supporting your cryptocurrency mining journey at every step of the way.

At D-Central, we offer both new and refurbished Antminer S19s. This gives you the flexibility to choose based on your budget and requirements. Our refurbished models are carefully restored and thoroughly tested to ensure they deliver the same performance and reliability as new models.

But, what truly sets us apart is our range of complementary services and support. When you purchase from D-Central, you don’t just receive a piece of hardware; you gain access to a suite of services designed to maximize your mining operation.

Our team of experts is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. We provide comprehensive consulting services to help you set up and optimize your mining operations. You also get the advantage of our maintenance training and ASIC repair services, ensuring your Antminer S19 stays in top condition for efficient, long-lasting use.

Additionally, we’re always in step with the latest trends and advancements in the Bitcoin mining world. This ensures that our customers receive the best, most current advice on their mining endeavours. Whether you’re setting up your first mining rig or scaling an existing operation, our team is here to support you.

At D-Central, we understand that successful Bitcoin mining relies on high-quality equipment, knowledgeable support, and technical expertise. That’s why we strive to provide the tools and know-how, helping you make the most of your investment in the Antminer S19.

Purchasing Antminer S19 from Bitmain

Founded in 2013, this Beijing-based company has consistently produced state-of-the-art products, positioning itself as a leader in producing ASIC chips used for Bitcoin mining. Antminer, its flagship line of ASIC miners, is renowned for its quality and performance, with the S19 series currently leading the pack.

When it comes to purchasing an Antminer S19, buying directly from Bitmain through their official website is a robust option. This ensures that you’re acquiring an authentic product, directly from the manufacturer, thus eliminating any concerns about counterfeits.

Here are the steps to purchase the Antminer S19 from Bitmain’s official website:

  1. Visit the official Bitmain website.
  2. Navigate to the “Shop” section.
  3. Browse through the product listings until you find the Antminer S19 or S19 Pro.
  4. Click on the product and review the detailed description to ensure it fits your mining needs correctly.
  5. Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Complete the required information and make your payment. Bitmain accepts different payment methods, including wire transfer and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

There are clear advantages to purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Firstly, you gain the confidence that you’re buying an original, high-quality product. Bitmain also provides a warranty for their miners, which can be invaluable if you face any technical issues.

Furthermore, purchasing directly from Bitmain often provides early access to their latest models. As a company at the forefront of ASIC miner technology, Bitmain frequently updates their product range, and buying directly can ensure you’re among the first to get your hands on their newest, most efficient miners.

Remember, due to high demand, Bitmain’s products, especially popular models like the Antminer S19, often sell out quickly. Therefore, checking their website regularly or subscribing to their newsletter for product updates is a good idea.

Procuring Antminer S19 through Brokers

While purchasing directly from manufacturers or well-known retailers is a common route, procuring your Antminer S19 through brokers is another option to consider. In the cryptocurrency mining industry, brokers like ASIC Jungle and Kaboomracks play a pivotal role in connecting buyers and sellers, often helping to find the best deals in the market.

Brokers typically have a broad network of contacts and access to numerous resources, which enables them to locate available equipment from various sources. These may include bulk purchases from manufacturers, used equipment from mining farms upgrading their hardware, or inventory from retailers.

ASIC Jungle, for example, operates an ASIC Miner Marketplace where users can browse through various miners, including the Antminer S19 series. Similarly, Kaboomracks offers an array of mining equipment, providing buyers with several options to choose from.

When dealing with brokers, there are several advantages. Perhaps the most appealing is the possibility of finding competitive prices. Since brokers source from various places, they may offer lower prices or better deals than buying directly from the manufacturer. They can also provide access to equipment that may be sold out elsewhere.

However, there are some considerations to consider when purchasing through a broker. It’s essential to ensure the broker is reputable and trustworthy to avoid scams or counterfeit products. Check for customer reviews and testimonials and verify their business license where possible. Furthermore, be sure to understand the purchase terms, including warranties or return policies, as these can vary from broker to broker.

In conclusion, brokers can be a viable alternative for procuring an Antminer S19, especially if you’re seeking competitive prices or having difficulty finding available stock. Just remember to conduct due diligence before making a purchase to ensure a safe and satisfactory transaction.

Buying Antminer S19 on Amazon

As one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, Amazon can be a solid platform to buy the Antminer S19. While Amazon doesn’t sell the miner directly, many third-party sellers offer the product on the platform.

One of the primary advantages of buying from Amazon is the platform’s commitment to customer convenience. They often provide faster shipping options compared to other outlets, which can be a significant advantage if you’re looking to start mining as soon as possible. Additionally, Amazon’s customer support team is readily accessible if you encounter any issues with your purchase, providing an extra layer of assurance.

However, as you’ll be purchasing from third-party sellers, it’s essential to identify reliable sellers to ensure a safe transaction and authentic product. Here are some steps to help identify trustworthy sellers:

  1. Check Seller Ratings: Amazon provides a rating system for its sellers based on customer feedback. Sellers with high ratings are generally more reliable.
  2. Read Customer Reviews: Reviews from past customers can offer insight into the seller’s reliability and the quality of the products they sell.
  3. Look at Seller Information: Established sellers will often provide detailed information about their business, including a return policy and contact information.
  4. Verify Product Details: Ensure the product listed is the exact model you’re looking for, in this case, the Antminer S19 or S19 Pro.

In summary, purchasing an Antminer S19 through Amazon can be a great option due to fast shipping and strong customer support. Remember to thoroughly vet third-party sellers to ensure you’re buying an authentic product from a reliable source.

Sourcing Antminer S19 from eBay

eBay is another excellent platform where you can source the Antminer S19. Like Amazon, eBay doesn’t directly sell the product, but numerous third-party sellers offer Antminer S19s on the platform. One of the key advantages of using eBay is the potential for discounted prices. Due to the nature of eBay’s marketplace, many sellers list their products at competitive rates or offer auctions where you can bid for items, potentially securing a great deal.

Here are some tips to help you find genuine sellers on eBay and ensure a smooth transaction:

  1. Check Seller Feedback: eBay has a comprehensive feedback system for sellers. High positive feedback is generally a good sign. Also, consider the number of transactions the seller has completed; a high number of transactions usually indicates a more experienced seller.
  2. Read Product Description Thoroughly: Sellers should provide detailed descriptions of their selling items. An Antminer S19, they should include specifications, condition (new, used, refurbished), and any warranties or return policies.
  3. Review Shipping and Payment Policies: Sellers should clearly state their shipping costs and timelines. Likewise, they should offer secure payment options. eBay’s standard payment method, PayPal, offers buyer protection.
  4. Contact the Seller: If anything is unclear or you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the seller. A responsive and helpful seller is usually a good sign.
  5. Use eBay’s Buyer Protection: eBay offers a Money Back Guarantee if the item doesn’t arrive or isn’t as described in the listing.

By following these guidelines, eBay can be a viable platform for sourcing your Antminer S19. While there’s potential to secure a great deal, ensure you exercise due diligence to find reliable sellers and avoid scams.

Purchasing Antminer S19 from Newegg

Newegg is an online retailer specializing in computer hardware and electronics, making it a prime destination for tech enthusiasts, including Bitcoin miners. Purchasing your Antminer S19 from Newegg can be a smart choice due to their focus on tech products and commitment to quality customer service.

As a specialized retailer, Newegg offers an array of mining equipment, including the Antminer S19. They have a comprehensive selection of both new and refurbished units. Also, their customer service team is well-versed in tech products, which can be helpful if you have any inquiries or encounter issues with your purchase.

Here are the steps to purchase an Antminer S19 from Newegg:

  1. Visit the official Newegg website.
  2. Use the search bar at the top of the page for “Antminer S19”.
  3. Browse through the listings until you find the product that meets your needs.
  4. Click on the product to view detailed specifications and read customer reviews.
  5. Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Fill in the required shipping information and make your payment.

Newegg also offers several payment options, including credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin, making it convenient regardless of your preferred payment method.

Remember, verifying the product details and the seller’s return policy is crucial before finalizing your purchase. Overall, purchasing an Antminer S19 from Newegg can be a reliable and convenient option backed by a company with a strong reputation in the electronics industry.


Bitcoin mining has evolved into a profitable and competitive industry, with the Antminer S19 as one of the most efficient and sought-after pieces of equipment. Finding the right place to buy an Antminer S19 can be a challenge, but as we’ve discussed, several reliable options are available.

Direct manufacturers like Bitmain assure authenticity, often offering the latest models. Large online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay present a range of sellers, potentially providing competitive prices and faster shipping options. Specialized electronics retailers like Newegg offer focused customer service and a range of new and refurbished units. Then there are brokers like ASIC Jungle and Kaboomracks, which can offer access to competitive prices and varied stock.

Moreover, D-Central Technologies offers the sale of new and refurbished Antminer S19s and a complete suite of services around Bitcoin mining. This includes expert advice, maintenance services, and support, making it a comprehensive solution for beginners and experienced miners.

Ultimately, the best place to buy an Antminer S19 depends on your needs and circumstances. It’s essential to consider the reliability of the seller, the price, the warranty, and the customer service available. By doing a thorough research and due diligence, you can ensure that you make a well-informed decision that sets you up for success in your Bitcoin mining endeavour.

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