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Bitmain APW9 PSU for Antminer

Bitmain APW9 PSU for Antminer


Power your Antminer T17/S17/S17 Pro to its full potential with Bitmain’s APW9 PSU. Originally designed for the 17 series, this PSU can be modded to power the Antminer 19 series with a Loki Kit. It’s adaptable to both 220-240V and 110-120V, making it a powerful ally for home Bitcoin mining. Contact us for modification instructions.

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Unleash the full potential of your Antminer T17/S17/S17 Pro with Bitmain’s APW9 PSU.

This high-performance power supply unit was originally designed for the 17 series, providing efficient and stable power to keep your mining operations running smoothly.

The APW9 PSU is not just a power supply unit; it’s a tool for maximizing your Bitcoin mining operations. With a power efficiency of up to 95%, it ensures that your mining hardware is running at its best, reducing downtime and increasing your profits.

But the APW9 PSU’s capabilities don’t stop at the 17 series. With a simple modification and a Loki Kit, this versatile PSU can also power your Antminer 19 series. This means you can extend the life of your mining hardware and maintain your maximum hashrate for several more years. Contact us for instructions on how to make this modification.

What sets the APW9 PSU apart is its adaptability. While it’s rated for 220-240V, it can also be used on 110-120V power sources. This makes it a powerful ally for home Bitcoin mining, allowing you to run your mining operations from the comfort of your own home.

Safety is a priority with the APW9 PSU. It comes with high-quality components that are compliant with international safety standards. The PSU features overheat, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection, ensuring the safety of your valuable mining equipment.

Invest in the Bitmain APW9 PSU and take your Bitcoin mining operations to the next level. Whether you’re running the 17 series or the 19 series, the APW9 PSU has got you covered. Order now and experience the difference.

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