Cryptocurrency mining in Canada

We are a growing company, born to decentralize Bitcoin mining

Our sites near hydroelectric facilities in Canada provide low cost hosting services. We offer ASIC and GPU mining equipment, Bitcoin managed services, consulting and hosting services at the best cost from our partners facilities. We are constantly reinventing ourselves to seize all the new opportunities offered by this new technology. We make the first mistakes so you do not have to.

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Bitcoin Consulting

Whatever your needs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, we can help you. We offer Bitcoin consulting services in Canada. D-Central has a rare blend of technical expertise, financial knowledge and experience that has proven itself in many areas. This valuable information is used to help us help our customers achieve their goals.

Cryptocurrency Mining

The cities of Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver rank among the 5 cheapest cities to start a Bitcoin mining operation. Although electricity rates are low in Canada, there are very few commercial data centers offering colocation services to miners. Prices and availability are changing very quickly in this area and we are doing our best to update them regularly.

Facility Design

We design your Bitcoin farm. You can entrust us with HVAC design tasks, electrical installations, ASIC equipment and more. Make the right decisions with our on-demand consultations and designs. Quebec currently has very limited resource in the Bitcoin mining sector. Consequentially, we also have a brokerage and sponsorship program with established partners.

Heating as a Service

There is ample evidence that many customers prefer to cushion unpredictable heating costs and reduce the risk of annoying heating failures. The depreciation of the cost of heat will change more than ever. D-Central’s HaaS allows us to combine heat and smart technology to reduce the total CO2 cost of bitcoin mining by recycling its heat byproduct in Canada.

We host your Bitcoin projects in our private virtual machines

Use our multiple ready to deploy Bitcoin virtual machines to create Bitcoin applications and services using your own Bitcoin and Lightning Network full nodes, securely hosted behind a firewall, in your own dedicated network and at affordable prices.

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We participate in the success of your business

We are the first and largest Bitcoin Managed Service Provider in Canada. Made by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. We know how hard banks make it for emerging businesses on the Internet. We help you transact and pay for the services that run your business with Bitcoin. We have a complete ecosystem of Bitcoin technology partners that enables us to deliver value to our customers by delivering enterprise level Bitcoin solutions.

We provide personalized consultations on demand. We have a wide range of options, most support packages include unlimited consultation. Otherwise, you will be charged on an hourly rate. We will help you assess the applicability, business impact and deployment strategy of Bitcoin. Our extensive assistance will help you and those around you to use this new technology. We offer a range of service plans to meet the diverse needs of our customers, depending on their size, industry and business objectives. Of course, we can also customize a plan if none of the existing plans meet your needs. We focus on delivering an exceptional level of service. a fast and reliable solution that offers you the best of our experts. We document all processes so that our service is consistent and efficient.

Whether you are a novice website owner or an experienced programmer, our web hosting makes it easy and simple to set up your site. No matter the size of your budget or the scope of your project, we are ready to help your project reach the finish line. Our websites are created for the person who wants a turnkey business immediately. We can organize media coverage generating traffic to your website. We can then use our mastery of marketing, persuasive content and digital advertising to guide visitors through your sales funnel. More leads and more sales. We strive to provide the best tools, ideas and aesthetics to help spread your message around the world, creating exciting impact, engagement and excitement.

Everyone uses Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office tools. Office 365 goes even further. It has other tools of productivity and collaboration that will revolutionize your workplace. You can now also have a complete set of new tools: Skype for Business, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. Especially useful for small businesses, where teamwork and productivity are essential to stay ahead of the competition. You can use G Suite for email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing. Get all the tools your team needs to collaborate and do more.

Let the D-Central team take care of your operation. Not only will you save money, but you will be more efficient and always online. Do not wait for an emergency, take the time to customize a service contract covering all your needs. We help you ensure that important areas are taken into account, that potential problems are identified quickly, that work is completed quickly and that work is properly coordinated. Contact one of our mining experts to develop a personalized forecast analysis and take the necessary steps to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.