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How to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin in Canada?

Buying Bitcoin is easier than you might think. We provide you with the main ways of buying, spending, selling, exchanging and more.

The general public is slowly waking up to this concept and the number of people interested in this phenomenon is increasing every day. Bitcoin is a new form of money that you can exchange for other things you need. The more Canadians know about Bitcoin, the more they buy it. The latest edition of the Central Bank of Canada survey that monitors Bitcoin trends found that awareness increased from 62% in 2016 to 89% in 2018. The prevalence of Bitcoin possession also increased from 3% to 5% of the population. The number of Canadians who used Bitcoin to make transactions, such as buying goods and services or making transfers to third parties, also increased lately. Canadians are fortunate to have many payment options and methods to buy Bitcoin. Online trading is obviously the most popular way to buy Bitcoins for Canadians due to their ease of use and simplicity.

The 9 Best Places To Use Bitcoin In Canada

Not only for Canadians, exchanges are the most popular place in the world to buy bitcoins. Buying and selling Bitcoins is relatively simple. Just make sure you don’t buy more than you can afford. Bitcoin has a reputation for being very volatile, so you should always try to stay within your spending limit. Below are all the best ways to acquire bitcoins and where to spend them. Buying and selling Bitcoins in Canada is now easier than ever. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can start trading with the currency that has already taken the world by storm.

Bull Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin online from trusted professionals, sent directly to your own Bitcoin wallet. The bitcoins are purchased and sold exclusively to Canadians. The services are designed to allow you to keep full control of your bitcoins during the whole process. You buy, sell or spend Bitcoin on Bull Bitcoin’s platform directly with your own Bitcoin wallet. This is the most secure way to buy bitcoins in Canada.


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Shakepay allows Canadians to buy/sell bitcoin and pay their friends. Bitcoin is important because it enables wealth to be stored with an individual without need for a third party. Its fundamental use-case as a store of value with a predictable monetary policy is having profound implications on freeing individuals into financial sovereignty. Following Bitcoin, the entire suite of financial services is being rebuilt independently from the current financial infrastructure.


Buy, sell, trade over 300 cryptocurrencies, altcoins, tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc. 24 hours rankings, volume, market cap & supply details. One place to access the complete cryptocurrency market, real time charts & cryptocurrency prices. Exchange cryptocoins for 45000+ possible cryptocurrency pairs from all major exchanges.



Buy Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card. Spend up to $ 20,000 per transaction or $ 50,000 per month. Fast cryptocurrency payments – no more waiting time. Large commission structure for all transactions with no hidden fees. A dedicated multilingual support team is ready to help you.


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Another way to buy Bitcoin in Canada is by using a Bitcoin ATM. For users that want to buy their Bitcoin using cash, this is one of the best options, but it comes at a price. Bitcoin ATMs will typically cost users much more in fees that range from 6-8% above market price. There are hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs that are located all across the country and you have likely already seen one at a mall or convenience store. 


Much like Bitcoin Craigslist or even Kijiji, a P2P network is an online marketplace that allows two users to make a transaction with no middle man helping to facilitate the transaction. It is important to note that in some instances people have been taken advantage by certain people on P2P networks so it is always important to do the proper research on each seller/buyer and never conduct a transaction outside of previous thresholds.

Frequently asked questions

Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy in which an investor divides the total amount to invest on periodic purchases of a target asset to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. Purchases take place whatever the price of Bitcoin is and at regular intervals; indeed, this strategy removes much of the detailed work of trying to time the market in order to buy bitcoins at the best prices. The dollar-cost averaging is also known as the Bitcoin constant dollar plan.

Despite considerable attention in the financial and investment world, many people do not know how to buy Bitcoin, but this is as simple as signing up for an email. In order to trade on the bitcoin network, participants must run a program called a wallet. If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin wallets, head over here to learn how to protect your bitcoins. Once your wallet is ready, simply use one of the online exchanges referenced on this page or go to a Bitcoin ATM, spend fiat and receive bitcoins.

The short but most honest answer is that we don’t know. Even if someone claims to know, there is absolutely no guarantee that it is true. No one knows if Bitcoin will go up or down, and it’s still too early to tell. There has never been such technology and such hard money before, so it remains to be seen what it will become. In all cases, remember – never invest more than you can afford to lose and do your own research before making an investment.

In theory, you will one day be able to use bitcoin for any type of purchase. The idea that bitcoin will eventually replace fiat currencies is the reason why so many people are investing in bitcoin now. Right now, however, the reality is that relatively few businesses or individuals will accept payment in bitcoin. There are several ways to convert bitcoin to fiat money and eventually transfer it to a bank account. Most of the exchanges listed on this page will support the sale of bitcoins and bank transfers. You can also use a Bitcoin ATM and withdraw the amount of bills you need.

There is no single answer to this. It depends on individuals. Their level of conviction and their personal life too. Most of us Bitcoiners would say that you should get into Bitcoin, this could very well be the future of money. Bitcoin has a limited supply of coins, while central banks and governments can always print more fiat money. But reality is it remains to be seen what will become of it. In any case, remember – never invest more than you can afford to lose and do your own research before making an investment.

Buying and holding as part of an investment is a unique way to invest in a foreign exchange market. It involves a relatively short-term strategy that has a low return, while offering higher risk and less security. In this strategy, the investor does not have access to absolute returns. As a result, short-term returns are lower, but the return can be higher with longer-term security. However, it is possible to lose money in the short term, which could lead to financial ruin. “Buy and hold” strategies can lead to a loss of your investments if the Bitcoin economy takes a turn for the worse. Another way of looking at this, if you are making prudent investments and investing no more than you can afford to lose, you don’t have to worry about the price of your currency fluctuating. As soon as you complete your transaction, your Bitcoins are sent to your wallet. It is important to note that this investment strategy is not for everyone. It takes a lot of patience, as the market can be unpredictable. While it is easy to buy and store Bitcoin, it can sometimes be expensive. Even if it is considered a high risk option, it is still a very lucrative way to make money. But it also requires some knowledge of the market. Additionally, to be successful, you will need to learn the ins and outs of the Bitcoin market. Investing your money here is like trading stocks and currencies, but there is a much higher risk.

Are you searching for the best exchange rates for buying and selling of your hard earned money, or which is better, mining Bitcoin or buying Bitcoin? Purchasing Bitcoin can require a much smaller upfront fee, but the hassle of having an online exchange account and all the KYC that comes with it. However, it is very easy to sell those bitcoins back once you have reached the desired ROI where they start to be worth your goals. Therefore, by doing this, you will be able to liquidate your position faster that way. Mining Bitcoin is very easy to do, the setup is very straightforward, and the long-term rewards will be quite high. These will not be instantly recognized, and that is why many people mine them for a while before going into the market. Mining Bitcoin at home requires a low initial investment, as opposed to the one that it would take to have a mining business. And even though it is much easier to set up, you do need to put in a little effort in the beginning. After all, the hard work is not done by the moment you actually start to mine. There is an extra benefit to mining, and that is that you can earn an income from trading the mined Bitcoins. You can start off small, but the more lines you have, the higher the amount of earnings you will be able to produce each day. This is a great way to get started, and you will see that this will help you in the long run. Finally, in almost all contexts, the strategy of Mining and Holding will overcome the profits of simply Bying and Holding. So, when it comes to deciding which is better, mining Bitcoin or buying Bitcoin? The decision is completely yours. Mining Bitcoin is easy and will allow you to earn a large income, but buying Bitcoins can be a lot easier. Once you buy them, you do not have to mine anything, and you do not have to worry about the exchange rate, or the price of the coins.

To be a good exchange, you need to have a stable and reliable source of funding. Then you need an exchange that doesn’t charge a lot of withdrawal fees unless you choose to use their margin service. This service allows you to place bets on the value of your virtual currency. The larger the bets, the larger the returns. Finally, you need an exchange that has reasonable conversion rates to fiat currencies. It is also very important to look for an exchange that has a good banking relationship. An exchange must not only provide a quick exchange service, but also offer a lot of transparency. In addition, an exchange should also ensure the safety of their users. For this they need a secure server and the funds must be SAFU. Nor should they charge too much transaction fees, or force people to put their personal information as a security measure. With all of these aspects in mind, it’s important to look for an exchange that offers all of these features and more. A well managed and reliable exchange will always be the best.

Why do people store value in Bitcoin? Almost everyone seems to be talking about it these days, and it is likely that we will see increased interest in the future. Will Bitcoin become a widespread means of payment or does it already have it? One of the most compelling reasons why people store value in Bitcoin is due to its resistance to censorship. There is no other option available to you than storing a value outside the country or state in which you live. However, since Bitcoin is decentralized, you can use your private key to send your funds from one country to another without fear of an unauthorized third party. Party. If you have a lot of people who decide the price of a certain product, you don’t have a lot of flexibility in decisions. This is also why governments always try to control the supply of their currency through a central authority. If it were possible to transfer a currency from one nation to another, the big central authorities would be powerless. Currently, many governments are considering motions for the resources to eliminate all competition, but the truth is that they are not very good at it. In fact, even when they manage to develop a strategic market control plan, many economies will also join the law. If there are private digital currencies, governments cannot control prices. They could just as easily declare bankruptcy because they cannot control the offer. Some may ask if Bitcoin anonymity is a problem. For us, it really doesn’t matter if it’s anonymous or not – it’s just safer to store value in a private virtual currency like Bitcoin rather than relying on public funds. Let’s face it – having a digital currency that can store value in many countries in real time is just better for everyone. When the virtual value of a currency increases in different countries, we are all better off.

So what is the best alternative to acquire Bitcoins? The answer is that it is still under debate. But one thing is certain, and there are many companies and people all fighting over your attention. You may well find that a Bitcoin exchange is the best way to go, but not everyone can afford to jump through the hoops. This is where Bitcoin mining comes in. Bitcoin mining is the ultimate average dollar accumulation game in Bitcoin. There is almost no case where mining has not been more profitable than the average dollar cost. You can find out more in our Mine & Hold case studies.

You might ask yourself: do I need a Bitcoin wallet to buy bitcoins? If you are planning to buy bitcoins, you will need a wallet, but that does not mean that you need a physical wallet. Nowadays, a Bitcoin wallet is undoubtedly associated with physical wallets such as Trezor. While it is safer to use a hardware wallet, you can also install a wallet on your PC or mobile. A wallet can be considered an account where you can keep your private keys. The private key is the signature used to transfer the bitcoins from your device to the next one. A private key is essential because it acts like an authorization code, but unlike a centralized system, it cannot be reset.

You have probably come across questions on how to open a bitcoin account. However, with a little research into bitcoin, the consumer may discover that it might not be necessary since bitcoin does not require any of these traditional forms of savings and checking accounts. The bottom line is that it takes about 2 minutes to generate a Bitcoin address and receive your first payment. We are so used to complex and pending processes in the traditional world that most people simply do not believe they are finished when they receive their first Bitcoin payment.

The most common way to do this is to go to a stock exchange and see what is worth buying. In most cases, you will be able to get a tiny amount of bitcoins, such as a value of $ 5. The Bitcoin network supports the division of each bitcoin by one million additional pieces of these coins. This smallest unit of account in Bitcoin is called Satoshi.

Various crypto-exchanges can have different options and functions. Some of them are made for traders, while others are made for the fast crypto-fiat exchange. They work similarly to ordinary exchanges. The difference is that, on an exchange, traders buy and sell assets – stocks or derivatives – to take advantage of their changing rates, while on crypto exchanges, traders use pairs of cryptocurrencies to take advantage of changes. Whenever you buy on a crypto exchange, at the same time, there is a seller who sells. Therefore, for each buyer, there is a seller, which is why you will often see terms such as “bid” it is so that your order is executed by a seller who accepts the offer you place.

People looking for a way to buy Bitcoin for the first time will likely stick with what they know – be aware that ATMs will take higher transaction fees than most websites where you can buy Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin ATMs are nothing like ordinary ATMs, the basic interface is somewhat similar. The ability to turn money into Bitcoin with just a few taps on the screen of a tablet is an incredible thing. People tend to like this kind of simplicity because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get the parts. When you buy Bitcoin via an exchange like Circle and Coinbase, you not only let the exchange know that you are buying Bitcoin, but you also notify your bank that you are spending your money on Bitcoin. If you’re trying to avoid your bank’s scrutiny for purchasing Bitcoin, a trip to your local Bitcoin ATM could prove to be very convenient.

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