The consequences of limiting access to Hashcenters: The Case of Hydro-Québec

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The cryptocurrency revolution is transforming the global economy, and Quebec is at the forefront of this trend. With its abundant hydroelectric resources, many companies have set up Bitcoin mining operations in the province to take advantage of cheaper energy rates. However, Hydro-Québec’s decision to limit access to these operations has significantly impacted local businesses and citizens. In this blog post, we will explore how this discrimination affects economic growth and job creation in Quebec and discuss potential solutions that could benefit all stakeholders involved.

Hydro-Québec’s Technical Capacity Aligns Perfectly with Bitcoin Mining Operations

According to Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy Pierre Fitzgibbon, four key factors will be considered when selecting projects to receive megawatts of energy from Hydro-Québec:

  • Hydro-Québec’s technical capability to supply the project with power.
  • The social acceptability of the project.
  • The project’s the potential to decarbonize Quebec and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The ability to generate wealth and contribute to economic growth.

Bitcoin mining provides an ideal solution for Hydro-Québec as it ticks all the boxes in the government’s selection criteria. It has social acceptability, can decarbonize Quebec, create wealth and contribute to economic value. The technical capacity of Hydro-Québec to supply the project aligns well with Bitcoin mining operations’ high energy demands, while its use of hydropower helps reduce its carbon footprint. All these factors make Bitcoin mining a viable option for Hydro-Québec that could bring significant economic benefits to the region.

Moreover, Bitcoin mining can act as a grid stabilizer, absorbing excess energy when demand is low and releasing it when demand is high. This helps Hydro-Québec to manage fluctuations in energy demand and can lead to more effective energy utilization. By participating in the Bitcoin mining industry, Hydro-Québec can contribute to a more stable energy grid, providing a valuable service to the energy industry and ensuring the efficient use of energy resources.

Additionally, Bitcoin mining can provide Hydro-Québec with a new source of revenue by locally exporting energy to markets on the flip of a switch, helping diversify its income streams and contributing to the region’s economic growth. This can also help Hydro-Québec increase its competitiveness and position itself as a leading sustainable energy solutions provider.

Bitcoin mining provides an ideal solution for Hydro-Québec as it aligns well with the government’s selection criteria and can bring significant economic benefits to the region. By providing a reliable source of energy and acting as a grid stabilizer, Bitcoin mining can help Hydro-Québec fully utilize its energy production capacity and contribute to the efficient use of energy resources. Additionally, the potential for locally exporting energy to markets and diversifying its income streams makes Bitcoin mining a viable option for Hydro-Québec that could bring significant economic benefits to the region.

Job creation and tax revenues were lost due to Hydro-Québec’s moratorium

The discrimination of hashcenters by Hydro-Québec has significantly impacted the local economy in Quebec. It is estimated that $1 billion worth of electricity has been wasted due to the moratorium imposed in 2018, which prevents businesses from using high-powered computers for AI, cloud computing and Bitcoin mining. This decision deprives locals of access to cheaper energy rates and leads to an exodus of businesses away from Quebec, looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

Not only does this deprive locals of potential economic gain, but it also denies citizens the opportunity to find new jobs and generate tax revenues through investing in Bitcoin mining technology. With more than 100 megawatts of capacity currently blocked off from Bitcoin miners, this could mean a loss of up to millions in lost revenue each year. Furthermore, these restrictions limit the potential for technological advancements within Quebec and make it difficult for start-up companies looking for local investments or support.

The consequences of Hydro-Québec’s discriminatory policy go beyond just lost electricity supply or job opportunities; there is also a social cost associated with it that affects all citizens within Quebec. By preventing access to cheaper energy rates and blocking off high-powered computers from being used by businesses, this decision limits economic development within the region. It restricts people’s access to technology and its associated benefits.

It is, therefore, essential that action is taken to address this issue head-on so that all citizens can benefit from technological advancements. There needs to be a concerted effort between government agencies and stakeholders to ensure an equitable distribution of energy production resources while allowing businesses access to take advantage of these technologies without fear of discrimination or arbitrary restrictions.

The Benefits of Bitcoin Mining for Residents in Quebec

Adopting Bitcoin mining in Quebec can bring many benefits to businesses and residents. Firstly, creating jobs in the area can provide employment opportunities for residents, particularly those who may have struggled to find work in other industries. Additionally, the revenue generated from miner earnings through taxes can be used to make positive changes in the community, such as expanding public transportation or building new roads. Moreover, residents can invest directly in Bitcoin mining, which could generate a passive income stream for them.

For businesses, investing in Bitcoin mining operations can lead to cost savings, improved security measures, and more efficient data processing. This technology is still in its early stages of adoption, and businesses that invest in it early on can benefit from the growth potential it offers. Additionally, by consuming energy locally, Bitcoin mining reduces the need for energy transportation and helps create a more sustainable energy future. Furthermore, the heat generated from the mining process can be used for other purposes, such as heating greenhouses or drying wood, which can create new job opportunities and industries in the area.

The adoption of Bitcoin mining can bring numerous benefits to businesses and residents in Quebec. From job creation to revenue generation and cost savings to energy sustainability, this innovative technology offers a unique opportunity for everyone to thrive. By embracing this technology, Quebec can become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry and reap the rewards of its growth and development.

Advantages of Investing in AI, HPCs and Bitcoin Technologies

Investing in Bitcoin technologies enables businesses to take part in the biggest, distributed worldwide monetary network that is shaping our world. With the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, international transactions can occur without the associated banking fees seen with traditional fiat currencies. This means cost savings for all involved parties involved in a transaction. Additionally, miners use sophisticated system architectures when verifying transactions which makes it harder for malicious actors to gain access or tamper with information stored on the blockchain – giving them secure storage solutions as well as secure transaction processes with great protection against fraudsters or hackers attempting unauthorized access or manipulation of information stored on the blockchain.

Other potential benefits include improved operational efficiency due to reduced manual processes; increased revenue due to less financial friction between counterparties; improved privacy and security measures; increased trust between parties involved in a transaction; better liquidity; access to new markets; improved scalability; low development costs compared to traditional payment networks; faster settlement times than traditional payments systems; and opportunities for arbitrage between different cryptocurrency exchanges due to fluctuating prices across different markets.

investing in AI, HPCs and Bitcoin technologies has numerous advantages that business need not overlook if they wish stay competitive within today’s digital economy.


Investing in AI, HPCs and Bitcoin technologies can bring a wealth of benefits to businesses. From cost savings to improved security measures and access to new markets, these innovative solutions offer many opportunities for companies looking for an edge in the digital economy. Additionally, with blockchain technology creating secure transactions without banking fees or fraudsters attempting unauthorized access, it is no wonder that this emerging technology has become so popular among those wanting more efficient ways of doing business. With its potential for job creation and revenue generation through taxes as well as energy sustainability initiatives like heating greenhouses or drying wood, investing in Bitcoin mining operations can be beneficial not only to businesses but also residents who are able to take advantage of its growth potential. Ultimately, investing in these advanced technologies offers numerous advantages that should not go overlooked by any company hoping to stay competitive within today’s market.

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