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Getting Started with Bitcoin Mining & Hosting

Get started with Bitcoin mining with D-Central. We will assist you throughout your stay in this exciting industry!

Understand Bitcoin and how it is produced

Cryptocurrency is all the rage, Bitcoin and similar currencies seem to be the thing to have and know about. However, most people have no idea where cryptocurrency came from, how it is produced, and its use. Very few people understand its most popular form, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is created by mining, a digital execution that one must do until the program involved produced the random but needed code to generate an additional Bitcoin block. By finding this block, the miners attribute to themselves new bitcoins, which they put into circulation as a reward for providing the necessary calculation to the network. It is this incentive that is now pushing thousands of investors to engage in cryptocurrency mining!

People can obtain Cryptocurrency in one of three ways

The first is to buy them on a valid Bitcoin exchange or be given Bitcoin via the same channel as a gift. The second method is to receive Bitcoin as a method payment for goods or services, and the third is the actual creation of Bitcoin, mining them. This last method is the technical part, which adds transaction records to the shared ledger that everyone uses, the blockchain. As these transactions add up, they ultimately get included in a block. When that happens, the block then goes into the overall Bitcoin system and gets distributed to other nodes on the network to verify if the block is valid. This process kicks out newly minted bitcoins to the miners involved, which is the reward for computing power miners sacrifices.

Learn the basics of Bitcoin Mining

While Bitcoin mining involves computers and computations, it’s not so simple as installing a program on your home computer and getting started anymore. Successful Bitcoin mining has turned into a big business involving lots of players and mining hardware. That said, the individual or small group can mine Bitcoin still, but it takes some work. There are several motivations for mining Bitcoin. The most popular is the ability to mine more bitcoins than by only buying them. This is not always the case, and some generations of equipment never see a positive return on investment. However, our Mine&Hodl case studies show that, historically, when Bitcoin’s price appreciates, you mine more bitcoins than the purchase would allow you to. The Mine&Sell strategy remains a way to profit when Bitcoin prices are low, assuming you are using the profit on the bitcoins sold to increase your hashrate with hardware compounding. Finally, there is also speculation that the Bitcoin network will become a high-value form of settlement layer and could generate good mining revenues in the future through increased on-chain fees.

How to Choose an ASIC Mining Rig?

When deciding between miners different models, there are two essential qualities you should keep in mind—Hashrate and power consumption. The hashrate is the number of calculations your chip can perform per second. The higher your hashrate, the better your chances of solving the crypto challenge and collecting a block reward. Energy consumption is also essential to consider. This is where ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuit) come into play. This hardware efficiency is ideal for the serious mining outfit because it gets the most bang for the buck in hash output per cost of electricity spent, and ASICs don’t need much of a start-up to go. They are a bit of a plug-and-play after some slight configurations. ASICs don’t have much value for any other operations, so they can only sell to other cryptocurrency miners when one wants to upgrade to a better model. This is why it is crucial to choose the right mining hardware from the start. Don’t rush your purchases. Do your research and establish your goals and your mining strategy before purchasing a rig.

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Don’t just go running out and buying the first ASIC product advertised. It helps do so some serious window shopping and to learn the differences between various ASIC rigs offered. Ideally, the formula should be the highest performance for the least amount of energy consumption. While there are several options available, don’t be surprised if your actual purchase gets put on backorder. The demand is so high for the latest ASICs, production can’t keep up with the need. To get started, you might want to consider used ASIC rigs. They will be lower in cost, get you in the game faster, and not spend as much upfront to get started. You may also want to consider your lifespan probability. How long are you going to be mining for? Are you looking for a short period of a few years, or are you willing to commit for a longer time? The duration of your commitment can significantly impact which equipment has the most likelihood of producing bitcoins for you.

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Get a Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallets are useful because they provide you with a valid Bitcoin address. Without a trusted address that only you have access to, you will not safely receive Bitcoin. And while you can store your bitcoins on an exchange, you should have a personal wallet for larger sums. Now, this may be a bit confusing, but actual bitcoins won’t be in your wallet. This is kept with the public blockchain that makes up the Bitcoin network. However, you do control the keys to those coins, and no one else can get them. The Bitcoin wallet is where you store the keys. Like mining equipment, there are different choices for Bitcoin hardware wallets as well. The most important aspect is keeping your Bitcoin keys secure. For the beginner to get his or her feet wet, the software-based wallet is ideal. But as your funds value increasingly in time, you will need a hardware wallet to apply better security to access your funds.

Join a mining pool

There are many mining pools for Bitcoin mining. Just like the name sounds, a mining pool represents an aggregate mining team putting their resources together for a combined output. While no one player gets the entire rewards, everyone involved has a greater chance of getting some kind of Bitcoin reward faster than if they worked independently, at least on a probability basis. There is no requirement to join a mining pool. Any miner is quite free to keep working on their own with their equipment. However, the combination of everyone working together simply makes it easier to achieve a faster total hashrate, which is essential in today’s evolved Bitcoin market where more work is needed to achieve results. The amount of computation needs and the speed at which the mining pools work simply outpace most individuals unless they have the resources to match the larger number of rigs needed. Instead, individual miners are better off combining their equipment with existing pools and leveraging the power of numbers to achieve a shared reward portion. In most cases, the mining pool administrator will assign a service that you are to connect to for participation. Through this channel, you will receive what is referred to as a block template. You will need to take the template and start trying to figure out what the next block will result in. This is known as proof of work. If the assumption is correct, then it goes back to the mining pool administrator, gets published, and a reward of bitcoins comes in if indeed accurate. Everyone who participated gets a block reward share based on the number of attempts they sent to the pool.

Binance Pool

Interested in Bitcoin Mining? Join the Binance Crypto Mining Pool today or sign up for crypto staking products to earn rewards with cryptocurrency.


F2Pool is a geographically distributed mining pool, helping miners all over the globe secure Bitcoin and 40+ Proof–of–Work networks since 2013.


Poolin.com mining pool provides multi-cryptocurrency mining service, including BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH, XMR, XMC, DCR etc..

Slush Pool

Slush Pool is the 1st mining pool with more than 1.2M BTC mined since 2010. Explore features such as advanced payouts, monitoring and more.

good mining hosting to mine efficiently

Mining facility renting has become quite popular to defray the total up-front costs of space needs. Similar to the mining pool for Bitcoin production, a mining facility groups together multiple miners and their equipment so that the facility and operational costs are spread to many versus just one player. Technically referred to as hashcenters, these collocation sites are essentially the digital version of a work share-space. These facilities beauty is that they can easily cater to equipment, miners, and hosting private servers without interfering with anyone else or driving the neighbours nutty. And it’s a much smarter approach than trying to set up a rig operation out of one’s house. It also tends to be less expensive than renting formal office space in a commercial building that may not be wired or set up to function as a data center, requiring additional renovation costs. Physical equipment hosting makes a lot of sense, especially when one wants to focus entirely on professional-level operations without additional costs for a full business presence in a facility, which isn’t necessary. Using the mining hosting approach, one’s equipment can be entirely addressed, set up, and kept running without interruption and with protected power sources. In the meantime, the miner can deal with his or her administration and operations without paying for a full brick and mortar business presence. Overall, the co-located hashcenter is one of the smartest ways to play the current Bitcoin market.

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