One of the phrases you’ll often hear is “Don’t trust, verify,” which emphasizes one of the key pillars of Bitcoin’s use of blockchain technology.

We’re so used to trusting third parties to handle all sorts of things for us, whether it’s putting money in our bank account or our data, that we just go along with what we’re told. of them. With the Bitcoin protocol however, since there is no third party, who to turn to for trust?

This is where not having a third party to settle the final payment flips the switch and imposes liability on those using the network.

Since all transactions are on a publicly distributed ledger, you can actually check them yourself to make sure everything is as it should be, instead of having to trust a third party or someone else. other. another to tell you otherwise. Don’t worry, it won’t require you to do it manually yourself.

You can set up your own node which is a computer program that will check all previous transactions to make sure nothing is duplicated and everything is as it should be.

Don’t trust, verify.